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  1. Well, any map is fine with me, I just took an interest in OJP's Force Speed and Jump since the original versions of these force powers are crap. The Slow Motion for speed sucked and the Force Jump height at max level is laughable. Also, I still can't find how to actually perform the new Saber Attacks/Blocks/Parrys/Deflect blasts... perhaps I missed it somewhere. Right now, I'm getting raped by stormtroopers because I have no clue how to deflect blaster shots =P. Cyne
  2. Well I tested it. Before I began Fallen City, I had 3 points to use and only Force Speed to select from, so I put 1 Star out of the 3 on it. I completed Fallen City and I didn't get any stars for the next Force Selection screen... Don't know if you're supposed to get Stars there or not, all I know is I didn't get any =P. EDIT: I used all my Stars before Fallen City this time and found 6/6 secrets during the level and only got 1 Star instead of 2 or 3. Is this normal?
  3. Hi there, I have a quick question - In JK DFII, when you complete a level and you're selecting what force powers you want, can you save extra stars for when future force powers become available or do you lose them if you don't use them all? Thanks in advance.
  4. Please do learn how to use the refresh function. Anyway, I know this concept is hard for you to understand, but I must now return to some more important life priorities. So to that end, you can continue to flood this thread with your useless posts. Enjoy.
  5. 36 years old with almost 8,000 posts on a video game forum? That's not immature? (excluding game/mod developers and moderators, and in your case, this doesn't seem to be one of those cases) Sorry to break it to you, age has no bearing on maturity level, there are plenty of 30-40 year olds that have the maturity level of a high-schooler as well of plenty 20 year olds that have the maturity level of someone 30-40.
  6. Please learn to read before you look and sound more immature and stupid than you already do. Anyway, as much as I'd like to continue this battle of wits with you, I can see that you're obviously unarmed. Good Day.
  7. Wow, you thought of that one all by yourself? I'm impressed! Such a brilliant, well thought out counter-argument. Kudos! The fact that you own all the consoles and that console companies targeted demographic is from youth to teen, you show all the makings of an immature teenager (including the intelligent "countless hours of gaming pleasure statement") that would do and pay anything to play a video game.
  8. Well, the way I see it is, they're making TFU for virtually every console and handheld that people use these days, they should just go all the way andmake it for PC too, regardless of the financial side of things (because let's be honest, it's not like they need the money). If that was the main reason for not making a PC version, Cameron Suey should've just said so instead of making up non-sense like TFU on PC would be "Watered Down" and that a PC couldn't handle it. I also respect your opinion about the no TFU for PC thing, we can't all see eye to eye.
  9. Yeah, most console gamers "already" have a console, many PC gamers like myself, do not. I'm not rich, a next-gen console for me, as a student, would be an investment, not a luxury. It would be easier to pay 40-60 to buy TFU for PC than it would for me to pay 300-500 for a console + the game + any accessories or other fancy gadgets that are out for new consoles these days. I live in Canada by the way, so prices in the USA in no way reflect the prices of things here. An item that may cost $200 in the USA would cost $400 or $500 here, even with the two dollars being equal.
  10. I will, you go ahead and continue buying a new console every year, filling the pockets of console companies because you fall for their "buy our new console to play this game ONLY on this system or you won't be able to play it" trap. That makes sense too.
  11. Not everybody wants to dish out tons of cash every year or 2 for the ability to play a game or two, also mentioning that the prices are becoming more and more obscene because they add in these breakthrough technologies, like Blu-ray for PS3 when it isn't needed, especially since I can get a Blu-ray drive for my PC for less. My PC is perfectly capable of running high-end games and I see no point in spending cash on a totally separate platform that will have, at most, the same potential and replay value my PC has. As for the next JK and TFU being seperate, re-read my post and notice how I mention "JK4" and "TFU". And why it seems lI refer to TFU as the next JK installment is because LA has completely neglected the JK series. Jedi Academy was a disappointment with poor graphics, poor cutscenes, and all the little things that were worse in JA than in JO. I loved the JK series regardless because I'm a fan, but to me, Jedi Outcast was far better overall and that came out 6-7 years ago, As well from what I've read, there appears to be no plans for the next installment anytime soon.
  12. Is there not any mods that could give my proposed changes, like a mini-mod or something? Or if done manually, is it too difficult for a non-modder to do so? I just want this to tide me over until OJP is ready.
  13. What, did I stutter? Fans have been waiting patiently since JK3 (JK2 was much better in my view) and your statement seems to imply that I'm the only one that wants a PC version. If that's the case, you have tens of thousands of people who would disagree with you. It would be like if Blizzard suddenly converted Starcraft 2 to consoles only and stopped producing PC versions. It would be dismissing the millions of fans/players that have been playing it since 1998 and that have given the game the popularity it has today. Even though TFU isn't a direct link or sequel of the JK series, it is still based on the same concept of game play, not to mention there has been no word of a JK4 and the likelihood of one seems remote. http://forums.lucasarts.com/thread.jspa?threadID=120668&tstart=0
  14. No replies yet? I'd really like to implement this for the original game(s) to play through SP again. I'm not trying to steal the idea or anything, because to be honest I love OJP, but for now the SP portion of it virtually unplayable with all the errors, bugs and crashing. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi there, I got to playing SP JK2 and JK3 again. Since OJP SP is non-existent for the moment and the Coop mode fairly buggy. I was wondering was it difficult to change Force Speed & Jump for OJP from the Slow Motion crap and to the ultra high jump from the old, crap jump? I'd like to change JK2 and/or JK3 to utilize the OJP Force Speed and Jump. I've always hated the default Slow Motion trash for Force Speed and I love the OJP Jump Height (also mentioning Force Speed + Jump used simultaneously, is really great). Any info would be great! Cyne
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