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  1. Thanks! Yeah, it was a great Christmas gift :)

  2. Hey Congrats on the Moddb's 10th place in player's choice for Mod of the Year!!!!


    It's great to see the kotor mod community getting some love =)

  3. OK then. Hope everything is all right after the hurricane.

  4. Yea, just got it. Had no power fit 5 days- thank you hurrican sandy.

    Will respond when I get home.

  5. Did you get my PM?

  6. Never watched it myself, but it looks like this guy has whole playtrough of TSLRCM 1.7. It seems that he started uploading 1.8.1 as well, with the most recent part added yesterday.
  7. Because I havent thought to change it?

  8. Why does your signature still point to an outdated TSLRCM 1.7? ;)

  9. Thanks!

    Nice update on RoR, by the way - assuming the skill system is done properly, it's going to add a lot of replayability :)

  10. Congrads on getting to Beta testing with M4-78 =)

  11. zbyl2

    You should now be able to access M4-78 staff section on deadlystream ;)

  12. zbyl2

    Cool thanks. I'll make sure you have access to private forums sometime later today.

  13. zbyl2

    Can I get link to your profile? I tried looking for "LDR" but search function won't let me search for words shorter than 4 letters.

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