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  1. I might say that's a bit... /davidcarusojoke here



  2. Hey- I just wanted to pop by quickly and say that I'm not going to be able to make it on tonight (today, future-dweller!), as I've got to attend something tomorrow (and the rest of the week) for Chinese. However, I will be on tomorrow evening- we've got a chess game to finish (for me to win!). ;)

  3. Sah! Your inbox beckons, with comments, questions, and notes! o_Q

  4. o_Q Sir, I am impressed right now. Yeah- we got back on Monday. It was a sad- if interesting in reminiscing- event. Lots of funny stories exchanged, and lots of sighs. But I digress.


    I'm sorry for not getting on this weekend; I've been up in my neck with homework and other stuff. However, I will most definitely be on throughout this week that we might communicate. Upon this, you have my word (not that it means much at this point, but given, nonetheless).

  5. Sire! I am writing here to inform you that, despite being online, the force weighing down upon my eyes is currently exceeding the energy required to keep them open. Thus, sleep is inevitable. At this point, I wish you a good morning, Sabre; I shall endeavor to come on early tomorrow, but if not, tomorrow will be our meting definitely.



  6. Document REDACTED is en route pending our next REDACTED Chat. However, if REDACTED finds out about it all, then our plans are for naught. We must move with secrecy and guile, REDACTED, lest our plans are exposed to the forces of darkness.


    Reactions to the plan from REDACTED were... mixed. REDACTED approved wholeheartedly, citing its shrewd maneuvers and obfuscation of its true intentions. REDACTED, REDACTED, and REDACTED were of mixed-to-favorable opinion, with questions concerning its specific viability and potency. REDACTED* was entrenched against it.


    We must proceed, REDACTED. For the good of REDACTED everywhere. We must proceed.


    *REDACTED for possible termination.

  7. Yeah, I am feeling that currently. >.>


    Sir, have you heard Obama's speech on Libya- or, to hell with the speech, the whole freaking state of the Middle East? How are things on your end, pray?

  8. I shall work on my auntie-attitude. :xp:


    I haven't really, but it's the wireless modem; my dad contacted the customer support, but it's just a personal router thing (i.e., a physical connection would be preferable to the wireless that it currently is). Must fix this posthaste (some sites work, others don't. It's... frustrating, especially when research is needing to be done).

  9. Hey- this is the first time the Internet's been working for longer than five minutes since Friday- I wanted to let you know that Skype is not a possibility tonight (this page took a helluva long time to load; the rest of the Internet is nigh inaccessible).


    How has fared thy studies, nonetheless, sire?

  10. Not everyone's favorite country, nuclear weapons, instability, corruption and all?


    ****. >.<


    Edit: huh. Forgot that word was censored here. :xp: However! Skype is in the near future, good sir, so fret not. Discussions are to be had, discussions are to be had.

  11. Thanks, Sabre- I'll use it accordingly, when the time comes (back) up (yes, I know it exists, goddammit, I put it there!).


    Erm, in response to your (#) of Kanji learned, I'll go ahead and say that I learned a new sentence structure and a few new words of Mandarin. Muhahaha (the race is on)!

  12. Oh! And now I remembered what I wanted to tell you about (oh, the joys of random memory recalls).


    Today in TOK (theory of knowledge; less fun than it sounds due to class and teacher, but that's a story for this weekend), we were talking about emotions and whatnot, and the topic eventually led to a small discussion about how "souls were the essence of humanity" (I'm not quoting verbatim, but rather the consensus of the class). I objected, and wanted to site Russell's Teapot as a fancy way of refuting the class.


    My question, then, is this: is Russell's argument a reductio ad absurdum fallacy (can it be argued as such/is it really said fallacy) or is it something else entirely?

  13. Many thanks for the link, Sire; in response, I offer up one of my own:




    o_Q (of course, the Pope kinda said something similar 50 years back, but, y'know, Jews in the South still aren't too popular [or anyone different, for that matter :xp: ])

  14. Bwhahahaha, it's almost comical the rate you are learning and that I am not. >.< I officially accept your challenge for Chinese. Consider yourself on as of this weekend. On, sire, on.


    How else have you been, Sabre? Kanji aside, how was non-individual schooling been?

  15. I don't even...


    Please explain to me how this makes any sense?

  16. Hey Jon! I'm doing okay- tons of school work has essentially taken over and occupied the majority of my time, hence my absence from the Glorious Posse.


    But what of yourself? What have you been up to these past months- anything you would classify as overly positive or negative, or just standard months of life?

  17. Have just logged onto the Elitist Posse and am awaiting further contact. *readies cigars and brandy*

  18. This... this must change. >.> Hmm. I must choose a new picture, sire. We must meet 'pon the Skype to discuss such changes. o_Q

  19. I apologize for not being on. Influenza is not pleasant. Will write more when my nose isn't gushing mucus/I can form entirely coherent thoughts.

  20. Noble Sabre du l'Orient, this is most deplorable indeed! I must tell you of my topics for my most recent project (it involves everyone's favorite socialist republic, for a hint) and of midterms!


    Hmm. I'm not sure how the week will play out, but I can most definitely try and shoot for a one tonight (Friday at the latest, I should think).

  21. Sire! The exams now sink beneath the silent waves of death, their horrid stench now cleansed from this land! (tl;dr: Skype tonight, I do say!)

  22. Curse your prodigious rate of learning, Sire! (erm, actually it's a rather useful trick)


    Four exams have been completed; two remain. They must be conquered, for then I can stop spending hours studying and actually, say, communicate with other people. >.>

  23. Sire, why do you not want "i?" i is a lovely little value, filled with Descartes-esque maths and the like!


    I, erm, fail at this communication thing, but I wanted to poke in and engage in quick correspondence- exams are 1/3 over, with four more left next week.


    How fares your daily adventures, Sabre? Anything to report from the Front?

  24. And good riddance. I'm not sure if there's any hope for the game- mods aside- to be honest.

  25. Happy New Year, you future-goer! I shall endeavor to be on the Elitist Skype soon enough, but in the meantime-> sleep.

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