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  1. A game's the only plausible choice. If they made one, I only hope that they don't have you as a Jedi that slaughters everything in your path with Force lightning. Playing as a trooper, or, as Jon said, having an RTS made out of it would be very fun.
  2. Honestly, I'm not sure I've got a problem with the law. I know many people who text while driving; one was pulled over for a suspected-DUI while driving with two other people in her car. It seems like common sense, but common sense isn't exactly common, and I'd rather someone pay money for texting than their life.
  3. Awesome. Interesting to see police officers having a sense of humor, as opposed to the normally stern stereotype.
  4. Dammit, Jmac, Chinese is my department. But even still, you're right. The Chinese name for China translates as "Center/Middle Kingdom" (zhongguo, phonetically).
  5. That's entirely true, but I'll defer to Shem's mentioning of the life debt that would cancel out whatever obligations Chewie held previously. On a tree? No, I do see the points that you two were trying to make; hiding in plain sight works is the best way to hide. I wasn't doubting that at all, but rather the person who was attempting to hide. At some point, having a Wookie around is going to raise eyebrows.
  6. I can't wait to see The Daily Show's thoughts on this.
  7. A good read, especially considering the odd connections made between Episode III and IV. The major qualm I had, however, was Chewie's 'huge' role in the whole thing; I'm not doubting his intelligence, but he just doesn't seem to be, er, inconspicuous.
  8. Congratulations! ...and rest in peace.
  9. I have to go with the Imperial March. I recall the first time I heard it, when I was a just kid, and it made an impression. Nothing to get you in that old-time Star Wars mood like Darth Vader's Theme.
  10. Back when I was a few years old, my dad began showing me Star Wars and Star Trek. I loved both of them, and've been into Science Fiction ever since.
  11. Time for my two cents: I saw the movie Sunday afternoon, and I thought that it was one of the better movies that I had seen in a long period of time. Though the plot was cliched and, more than once, predictable, I thought that the movie was put together with a high degree of skill. The beautiful cinematography only added to the movie. Admittedly, the three hours of sitting in place was a bit much. Don't bring a drink if you intend to watch. >.> The actors, I thought, played their respective rolls well, and the movie was just fun to watch. Overall, I'd watch the movie again.
  12. Too much left to go. :xp:


    It sounds like you're not going to stop studying for many years to come. But if you didn't bring your laptop to your family, how else would you ensure a steady stream of information to your brain? o_Q

  13. The only thing I'm doing this New Years is counting down the days until school resumes.
  14. It is my sincerest turn to wish you a happy birthday, yeeyoon!


    It sounds like you've been having fun back home, away from the land down under. How go your studies, Bee?

  15. Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you have a great day!
  16. Bee! You have returned from your studying hiatus in order to greet us all with "Merry Christmas!" A merry Christmas to you, too!


    I demand details about your life, Bee! Details. o_Q

  17. Sir, I do concur.

  18. Definitely worth the time. Hilarious and nailed most of my grievances with TPM.
  19. Not exactly a pleasant sound to wake up to. Has there been any news on the driver, and how she's doing?
  20. Eh, I thought that the first movie was okay. Of course, the suit was awesome, but I thought that it was just okay in general. Can't say that I'm going to go see the movie when it's released, but I'll definitely catch it on DVD.
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