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  1. After reading over this thread, I can't help but agree with the majority: it seems that the developers want to disassemble all of the ideas that TSL laid down, and stick with their ideas about Revan. Way to keep to canon. At any rate, I was iffy about the game being from the beginning, what with all of us having to pay monthly for the game. Destroying the a decent plot to fit in with their game is just another kick while we're down.
  2. I've had mine for about two years, and it's gotten the ring only once. Besides that, it's gotten some pretty solid use.
  3. Television. Books are an integral part of any society, capable of preserving knowledge for hundreds of years. Video games, on the other hand, constitute the bulk of my entertainment, and are thus worthy of preservation. TV just can't measure up to the other two, in my opinion.
  4. Sorry, Sabre. All improper pieces of paper are to be delivered to the conveniently-located furnaces, no matter the circumstances.
  5. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your vaguely phallic Malaysian towers!
  6. Turkey and Mashed Potatoes in just a few hours. Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. I think this my favorite Obama Quote. Happy early Thanksgiving!
  8. The utmost urgent call shall be answered!


    It seems that I have missed you be a mere 300 seconds, my good man. :(

  9. Great update, Shem! Youtube is always a source of great amusement (the comments about Jolee on Taris were my personal favorites ).
  10. It looks very cool, indeed. However, as you said, Empire had numerous bugs, glitches, etc. I'd rather them push it back a month to polish, but as CA's blog told us, SEGA's calling the shots. At any rate, I'd love to see some of the concerns that I've seen addressed, especially involving the smaller bugs that really dull the shine of the game (I, for instance, would love to see the return of the crossed swords to mark heroic victories, and the reduction of such victories to rather rare; repairing forts would be another thing to be solved; diplomacy needs no mention [number one on my list to be fixed]). Nonetheless, it's nice to see some updates! Thanks for posting this, Astor.
  11. If libraries had turned nudist, my dear boy, I would visit said facility much more often.
  12. No, next time we chuck a mortar. Eh, I'm not sure if the mission is a rehash. It's definitely the same map, with a few variations, but having a partner's eye above makes it so much more fun. "Hey, group of hostiles one hundred meter-- never mind."
  13. Precisely, my fellow American lover: [5:51 PM] Darathy: AMERKUH IS A HOLY NATION SET APART BY GOD. With all seriousness, I don't see what the big deal is. Unless my knowledge of this area is completely skewed, bowing is a sign of respect, and not subservience.
  14. Fret not! Check out the SpecOps area of the campaign; I believe in the Bravo level you and a buddy can co-op a level wherein one of you operates an AC-130.
  15. Wait, didn't we say that the world was going to end ten years ago?
  16. For great justice.

  17. Thanks to all who made the ultimate sacrifice. Though time may fog the details, your service will never be forgotten.
  18. So, um, yeah. Happy birthday, Marines. With all seriousness, thanks to the men and women in the Marine Corps for their service.
  19. [grammarnazi]Leias. Apostrophe is possessive case, not plural. [/grammarnazi] There are young children on this forum, Sabre! Don't attempt to pollute their minds too much.
  20. Well, at least the thread wasn't posted early, like last year. It's not a personal Cabanna Boy, but I think you'll appreciate it nonetheless: Have a great birthday, Jae! Happy 29th!
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