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  1. Inyri! This "GarfieldJL" is driving me crazy. Well, I'm off to go watch some Fox! Fun fun fun. [/sarcasm]


    How goes Madam Inyri's life?

  2. Did you plan for the story to be a short one, and only revolving around one chapter? Or did you plan to have it span multiple chapters from the beginning?


    As for your gap, take it nice and easy. I've written one or two multiple-chapter pieces online, and when I've hit a block, I like to think about what I'll do for the end. That way, I know what my goal is and I've got something to work towards. :)


    Will you be participating in this month's Cantina? Whilst looking over the topic, inspiration struck, so I believe that I'll be participating in this month's contest.

  3. You've got a point there, Bee. Law is a quite complicated subject.


    How goes your story? I'm very interested in reading more.

  4. Legal. Hmm. Do you want the dictionary's definition, or my own? :xp:


    I suppose that 'legal' would be things generally accepted by the societal norm and fashioned into laws. 'Legal/law' is the result of this fashioning (aka, judicial system). So, legal things are things generally accepted by society, with punishment based on the severity of the crime/deference.


    Good luck attempting to decipher that. o_Q

  5. Yes. Think of the power, Sabre! The UNLIMITED POWER.


    It's quite delicious, I say.

  6. I counter with my Tiger Asylum, in which the craziest of crazies go. May I suggest a mutual alliance between our two institutions, so that we may bring the world to its knees through cRazY?

  7. RAWR! My Tiger shall eatz you, Flamingo! This shall be a fight for the Colosseum. o_Q

  8. Bee, your definition of legal grants you another 2.343 points of awesome (that's right, you just got another hundredth of a point).


    Bah! I really meant to say "2.342 Points of Awesome x ∞/∞... +1"

  9. Good idea splitting the UN thread, Jon. I probably need to step back and take a break anyway. :)

  10. Staying calm whilst talking to him is like not screaming while your walking on glass. Barefooted. And I agree with you: the US helped, but we weren't the saviors of the world.


    Right now, I'm just trying to poke holes in his logic. And, by doing that, if you can get many people behind your POV, then you can discourage him from viewing the world in his monochromatic style.


    Why do I have the feeling that he'll never see our way?

  11. You are welcome, Good Sir! :xp:


    If only Nihil would look at a different POV...

  12. What is your definition of "legal?"


    Ah, yes, the Siberian tiger. It fits well in most places of LF, and is just cool. Plus, it eatz the dissenters. Also, +2.342 Points of Awesomeness for the poem.

  13. I bee (haha pun) doing no hitting! I was/am merely inquiring as to how Bee's day was. o_Q


    On an unrelated note,


    Iz tasty, Bee!

  14. Has Bee been out late at night doing things that might not be legal in some places? o_Q


    (Don't worry, I won't tell. :xp:)

  15. Bee=Sabre's sistur? Uh-ohez. Dis is some interesting stuff! ;)


    How goes Bee's life today?

  16. Aww, that would be mean! :p


    ...some noodles buzz.



  17. O, hai Bee. Do you go "buzzzzz, buzzz, buzzzz" like a bumblebee?


    On a more serious note, I've seen you around, too. Just never any direct contact.

  18. Congrats on your moderator-ship, Bee.


    ...I suppose this would also be a good time to say "nice to meet you." :p

  19. I thank you! What with your previous title and all...


    You have my sympathy. :(

  20. Hail, mimartin! Your avatar's the funniest thing I've seen in a while. It captures this situation very well, in my opinion. :p

  21. Don't worry- I've only got basic knowledge on how to use a computer (basically, I can do most stuff that doesn't involve code :p).

  22. :lol: It sounds like you're my friend and I combined: I'm in the band, and he programs calculators (and computers. But if we started talking about that, we'd get into his anti-Microsoft campaign).


    Either way, popularity is more a perception than a group. A person that gets attention is popular. Same thing with the idea of nerds. Each 'caste' is just a group of people with likes and dislikes. It's the people that look up to a 'caste' that are viewed as popular.

  23. I agree. Most of the "smart people" usually find similar people to talk to Online. There few and far between, per my observations.


    What would (we) do without Lucasforums? :xp: Amazing how Star Wars unifies a community.


    People do indeed change, though some don't. I'd rather not see two of my better friends hooking up, but it's not my choice (I'm also upset with the very existence of said relationship, but that's a completely different story). *shrugs*


    Yeah, I'm in High School. One thing I've noted over the years: people are just plain dumb. For example, we had a school-wide vote a few days ago, and the 'popular people' won. Not that I expected anything less: it's a lesson we see throughout history (and school).


    I worry for Humanity at times. :p

  24. My friends come in a wide variety: I've got atheist friends, deeply religious friends, and so on. They all care equally about politics (using that word with a broad meaning), which means they don't care at all.


    On a completely unrelated note, two of my friends hooked up last year (and when I complained, she said that she was the "type of girl that wouldn't do anything before marriage [yeah, right]) and yesterday I found out that they were making out on the bus. But I really digress. :p


    I wish that the current 'ruling' generation would look at the future, for once, instead of thinking about here and now. Foresight is a key component to any plan, and our government has shown a complete lack of it for the past...


    For a very long time.

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