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  1. Sire!


    Just as a forewarning: the Elitist Path of Skype tonight shall be held, but it must be a shorter one than normal, as la Grande Adventure has been established for the morn to retrieve an old family friend from the Port du Air.


    Sincerely and with many official and grandiloquent thanks,



  2. I assume, sire, that you find my lack of presence... disturbing. I do, as well. I shall endeavor in full to fight my way to the glorious Skype, so that our channels of communication might be established once more!

  3. Gaaaaaaah YOU CAN READ, SIRE, YOU CAN READ! You now know the definition of freedom.


    Mkay: I've gotten my ~20 hours of sleep in two days. May I suggest 10:30 PM EST (or another time, if you need to?).

  4. One day.


    One day, and the trumpets and choir of the Sovetsky anthem shall ring throughout Skype.


    One day, and the freedom of Winter Break shall arrive.


    One day, and Gods of School will grant a reprieve.


    One day.


    One day.

  5. Sabre, just five more days. On Friday, the largest paper yet is due- that goes off to IB. That is not fun. I must go in tomorrow morning to confer with the teacher.*


    *The man had to have been, as opposed to genetically formed via sperm and egg, cut out of and animated from an Ayn Rand book. The problem is that he's an INTJ with objectivist/individualist viewpoints- to the extreme. Not fun stuff.


    That is to say, because he doesn't handle other people well, he's not particularly fun to be around as a teacher.

  6. I find it.. well, rather, I *don't* know how to find it that I recognized those lyrics without having to resort to Google.





    I shall most definitely check out the book, if it's what you say it is. Time must elapse first, however- just did one internal assessment today, and another one next week. Then two weeks of freedom. And the glorious benefits that can bring.


    So close, sire, so close!

  7. I thought you should know:


    I was almost giddy with excitement when I typed "facade" into Microsoft Powerpoint and it automatically corrected it to "façade."


    That is all.

  8. We shall cast the worthless Comet aside, Sabre- we shall cast it aside, we shall burn it with fire, and we shall emerge victorious, standing triumphant atop its steaming corpse!


    [whine]Sabre, I dunwanna do my Internal Assessmentsssssssss. [/whine]

  9. We shall collide at some point, Sire! Just... who the hell knows when at this rate. >.>

  10. Rawr! Time is of the essence, my Good Man!

  11. I shall attempt tomorrow- I've got an Internal Assessment due (potentially- multiple dates, with the first being on Friday of next week) next Friday, but that should be my only long-term obligation for a week or so (there's another IA to finish, but the teacher's just handing 'em back for us to make corrections).


    Forward, Sire! Unto greatness and glory and homework!

  12. You're telling me. Sabre, what have I gotten myself into? This school stuff- it's, um, difficult.


    How've you been, recently? Have you a break upcoming anytime soon?

  13. I did not know that Hitler in Russkie was "Gitlera." Makes him sound... like a bloody git. >.>

  14. Shameless lies, Sir! I am disappointed by your disappointment in me, Sir! And, Sir, I am further disappointed that my disappointment stems from your disappointment and that any such further disappointment may result in my being disappointed.


    Sir, I do hope you're happy. o_Q



  15. Sire, you shall see me upon this very night, as I have been busy, too, with my own game of the glorious Civilization V as the French. Who would've thought that Napoleon could've carved out his own empire in the middle east? I was winning, too!


    ...until I discovered astronomy, and found that someone had managed to unify all of North America. New lands, sire, require new invasions!


    To war!

  16. Earlier this summer, I spoke of a carefree time, where IB was just a fleeting though. A summer breeze, as serious and noticeable as such.


    That time is gone.


    For two weeks now, ze program has sought to destroy my flesh and blood, sought to weigh my back and mind with tons of homework. They cannot defeat us, Sabre. They shall perish in the attempt.


    ...just informing you of the situation. My god man, I did not know the meaning of homework until now.


    That is all. How goes it in your area?

  17. Escalation. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) The rest of this thread will now be about what tigers dream of.
  18. ... ...... ......... ............ ............... ............ ......... ...... ... If I meet this person in real life, they shall be utterly destroyed for the blatant affront to le Tiger. On a completely unrelated, having a tiger cub in your lap as you turned around in your Evil Chair of Evil is much more dramatic than a regular old cat.
  19. Tiger. Cub.






    Screw your reverse psychology, I'm commenting anyway. :xp:

  20. Happy way-way-belated birthday, leXX! Hope your day was enjoyable. For Sabre: 300
  21. Da, I did. It was for great justice. Baffles, my good man. Baffles.


    You visited, did you not? I suppose there's not much to hear in the early stages. YOU MUST KEEP USE INFORMED SIRE.

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