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  2. Good Sir Jon, I extend greetings upon thee! I must rectify my lack of skyping, posthaste! *rushes to the secret door, proceeds with secret handshake, enters glorious secret chat*

  3. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  4. Um... Well, if I was going to actually make a post, I thought I might hit things off with something fairly... known. Now, let the multi-decade clean-up begin!
  5. I got that Sabre was joking about the World Cup- I was just trying to counter-poke him about Civ V. :xp: Thanks, anyways!

  6. I think you mean to say 'Germany.' Germany is a far more important civilization when compared to Spain, especially how Germany impacted world history for hundreds of years.
  7. Goddammit Sabre, this is no time to be reading literature like a professor!

  8. Greetings, Darathy.


    Currently preparing for the most unexcellent SAT while annotating for English on the side. On the plus side, when I'm done, I'll know how to read literature like a professor. (...I did not actually think there would be a Wiki page for it)


    What happens 'cross the pond, praytell?

  9. Arise, Members of the Holy Forum! We have been bless'd with a great topic of discussion. Now, your attention is mine, and thus I request a humble and most proper discussion of said link. We shall now seek to dissect said images, one by one, that our understanding of said pixels might be increased and brought to use in other aspects of life. Image #1: Here, we have the world according to FRANCE, that thing that couldn't even beat Germany in World War I, and lost within months to the same nation in World War II! Maginot Line, my 屁股! But I digress. This map clearly demonstrates the Frenchies over-obsession with their failure to conquer Russia, their age-old hatred of the Brits, and, for some inane reason, a great friendship with Germany. Image #2: GERMANY. First off, may I humbly ask, why would they view Russia as anything but their mortal enemy? Two world wars later, and millions of Germans and Ruskies fallen, and all they see is a "gas vault?" Madness! Second, we see the Brits as "Enigma crackers." With all possible seriousness Germany, do you not recall two failed wars against Britain? Sure, three generations now span the time since the latest war, but one cannot merely discard the utter humiliation of Germany by the hands of the citizens of that United Kingdom. Image #3: The UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND. Ah, yes. The Brits (what, you didn't really think you could escape unscathed, now did you?). Firstly, why is the Soviet Union Commie Land Russia not noted as the world's Communist Base of Great Justice and Social Equality for All? Get your priorities in order, Britannia. As far as the rest of Europe goes, no qualms are to be mentioned. Jolly good job. * * * Discuss.
  10. Dammit, late. >.>


    For this, I shall endeavor to be on late tonight and somewhat early tomorrow morning. o_Q


    ...is it odd that I write 'endeavor' as 'endeavour' every freaking time I try to write it?

  11. Congratulations, Shem! How's your wife doing?
  12. Jeez, both of you? Nice job, Jae! Happy birthday to both of you!
  13. Beautiful screens- the ones showing units seemed most interesting, in that 1) Great Generals now have an affect in nearby combat, 2) Nearby units might be able to 'assist' in combat, 3) Tanks and Helicopters now have equivalent power (that is to say, awesome). The graphics, though, seem to have grown a bit more futuristic/childish. Maybe just my interpretation, but some of the pictures for the units/cities are a wee bit cheesy.
  14. Many, many thanks upon you, sire! A great site this is, with Civilizations galore. Two I find rather interesting:


    Special Unit (for America): B17 (clicky, my good man)


    Special Ability (for Russia): Mother Russia


    Awesome. Pure awesome. o_Q

  15. 太好的工作, Sir! Your work as a Professor of Literature is beautiful as it is wise.
  16. Sah! *clicks boots together ceremoniously*
  17. Waitasecond, there was a war somewhere around those dates, wasn't there? Oh, hold on a minute, every date on your photo corresponds with a war involving Israel and its neighbors. You're suggesting that Israel ruthlessly annexed territory, that evil, power-hungry nation. If you bothered to check even the dates on your map, you would see that most territorial changes correspond exactly to wars in which Israel participated. I'm not saying that Israel doesn't have blood on its hands, but the land gained/lost during those time periods were the direct results of wars with neighbors (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, etc) and not an atrocious, brutal annexation of innocent people's land. In this case, correlation and causation are entirely linked.
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