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  1. A truly marvelous piece of literary brilliance, Good Sir Sabre! Forsooth, your greatness as a member of the Community d'Literature is unparalleled.
  2. Saturday, m'boy. Saturday.

  3. And how exactly is he going to create a Hind that can take off out of wood, dear boy? Awesome jobs, by the way, Sithspecter. That's some pretty nifty crafting.
  4. quiteIdocontend.

  5. I have the two sitting right next to each other right now. If only Rand could see it now...
  6. anewavatarIsee.

  7. Oh, for- I wish it the best of luck, but I highly doubt that it will do the series a modicum of justice.
  9. Happy Birthday, Empire! I remember the first time I saw it like it was yesterday. *daydreams of small child watching asteroid chase*
  10. Just finished Rand's Fountainhead. I rather liked the story itself, but I've got this powerful urge to read the Communist Manifesto to maintain perspective. Right now, I can't help but call every politician I hear about 'Toohey.' >.>
  11. Just saw the trailer. I've got to say, I've been increasingly disliking where the series is going. That is to say, I'm infinitely glad we're done with World War II, but the utter lack of depth in these games has me blehing. Of course, the previous ones were not much better, but at least they feigned the idea that you and your squad were like a family, with the bickering and the remarks and everything in between. Now, squad mates drop like flies, have little-to-no backstory, and are flat as cardboard. At any rate, the most interesting parts of the trailer involved helicopters, which I doubt will make up even a fraction of gameplay time.
  12. Eh, it said 18 at the beginning of the article. Story was just a bit slow to file.
  13. ...the boyfriend is four years older than her?
  14. Idiots. How in the hell do we manage to function on a day-to-day basis as it is? Just nuke the freaking leak and be done with it.
  15. 'tis, Sire, and I am awaiting your finishing of le Call.

  16. Incorporate this into your next chapter, I do contend.
  17. Monsieur, I am en route!

  18. It appears that he won't be missed overmuch. Doesn't seem likely, either, that much will change over at LucasArts. :/
  19. Discrimination? Hell, I'd think that the crews would be excited to have female additions to the crew. The new quarters could be a problem, but easily solved by designating certain bunks (areas?) for sexes.
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