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  1. The only modification I can think of belongs to the bathrooms. I've never been on a submarine, but is it that hard to have toilets instead of urinals? As for don't ask don't tell, it needs to end, but the manner in which it does needs to be chosen carefully. Revealing one's sexual orientation to potentially-prejudiced soldiers could have disastrous effects (I'm referring to harassment, ostracism, etc).
  2. Nice update, Shem. Also: if you're not sure if the baby can get into it, she can.
  3. Truly, Sire, one of your best performances to date. This postmodernist work of- dare I say?- nonfiction has stretched the bounds of literary criticism to its breaking point. More, I say, more!
  4. Sabretooth, as a literary critic of the Highest Order, I do beseech- nay, sire, I beg- thee to post a new chapter, a tiny morsel to appease the starving critics. Many thanks in advance.
  5. 生日快乐, 狮子. Hope you had a great day!
  6. Personally, I'm waiting to see how we're going to stop what seemed like thousands of Reapers from annihilating the Galaxy. We've got some advanced warming this time, but will that be enough to stop them, or will we be stuck with some deus ex machina?
  7. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day (filled with delicious pastries and desserts).
  8. There is only one true Maverick. The Mavericky Maverick of Maverick, USA. Happy birthday, Mav!
  9. Gah. Now I need to go get mah House cane to beat you all with. Thanks again to all of you!
  10. Happy birthday, Sithy! Best of luck in your travels.
  11. Curse your defamation of Wash, article! *shakes fist* At any rate, there not enough out yet to determine whether I'll see it or not, but having Joss Whedon directing it is pretty cool. [/firefly fan]
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen, throw off the oppressive shackles of your anti-blind campaigns, and see hear the freedom now ringing from the bells of pornography!
  13. Thanks again to all those with well-wishes (I should lash you all for being late! ).
  14. I plead the 5th, sir. Ah, Comrade Mav(erick), we shall soon teach you the error of your ways. Many thanks, in the mean time. Discretion, sir, is a most valuable weapon. As is said chain. I did, thanks. Good to see family and not do much (except dread the return of school). Thanks, GTA! I shall be sure to utilize these gifts with the utmost skill. Respect, jmac. Respect. *pounds chest in manly way* ...I probably should have mentioned it, shouldn't I have? 'Roasting,' sire, is a lovely term that can convey any number of licentious ideas... Many thanks, Sabre! I daresay that this is tiger-approved. ...litofsky.com? That's a bit disconcerting. A lovely find, to be sure, Darathy. Thanks. Thanks again to everyone who commented! It's been a great day, and I've certainly had a wonderful birthday.
  15. Ha! And here I was thinking that I could get it by without you all noticing. ...maybe. Sire, I shall put these to the best of uses, for what you consider 'legumes' I know to be enriched uranium! I suppose my old avatar will have to make a recurrence at some point this year. Birthday hugs indeed. Thanks, Astor! ...so, the cake was a lie? You say 'lightsabers,' I say... Well, yeah, they're lightsabers. Thanks again, everyone! I got away with a really awesome haul this year, and I'm really grateful that my parents were able to pinpoint the stuff I like with great accuracy (that, and I told them some of it ). Until later!
  16. For some reason, I recall a thread about this, but am unable to locate it.
  18. Why yes, Sire! We shall entitle it, DUTY OF ONE'S CALL III: RUSSKIE ASS-KICKIN' TIME. What say you?
  19. Mayhaps, except the discrepancy between the number of females and the number of males.
  20. For anyone interested, I found a forty-minute-long version of this video. As crude as the video is, none of us have the right to criticize the gunners for their callousness. They've been in the frying pan for who-knows-how-long, and killing people sure as hell isn't easy; if it takes them cracking jokes to keep them from going insane, go for it. If none of us have ever been fired upon before, ever feared for our lives the same way the guys on the ground there do, how can we judge the situation? On the other hand, from what I understand the strike was called in by nearby ground forces, who believed they were under fire. From when I watched the video, I thought that I saw a weapon in the hands of some of the group; now, if that's enough to authorize killing them, I don't know. But **** like this tends to happen when we've got an army trying to control a civilian-populated area; it isn't right, nor should it go unpunished, but it shouldn't be a shock, either. Towards the end of the link I just posted, you'll note that when the Apache opens fire with the Hellfire missiles, it takes an utter disregard for civilian presence around the target building. I clearly saw men and women walking by who were promptly engulfed in the flames of the rocket. On that account, putting not one, not two, but three missiles into one building is just plain reckless and contemptible, to make no note of the gunners firing on a van picking up the wounded!
  21. If only Lucas had seen this before the movies came out...
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