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  1. Okay. Finally, after zipping about the galaxy, scanning planets non-stop, and slaughtering something that reminded me of a Schwarzenegger movie, I'm done. All in all, I thought that the game had a lot more value than the first one. No more endless driving around in the Mako was my greatest relief, though, I wouldn't have minded being able to see the Council once or twice (Anderson telling Udina off was great, however). Now, I may have to return to real life for a bit, or else be mistaken for lost by family and friends.
  2. Idiots. Why is it that we have morons running our education system and teaching our children? Isn't there some form of test that one has to take before becoming an educator?
  3. Nice update, Sabre. Interesting to note that each civilization's leader will have a preference on how to handle things; more historical accuracy, I suppose, but that also present the possibility that the games might be a wee bit predictable. The city-states sound the most interesting to me (the vast changes to combat aside; I'm still unsure on how it'll play out, but I'm positive). Having minor nation-states that we can communicate with will be a definite plus, as well as a potential diplomatic ally/barrier. Also, being able to co-research (or share research, as it is) will have pretty resounding affects on diplomacy, I think: it'll make the alliances much more clear-cut and defined, while potentially leading to a technology race between the major Allies/Powers.
  4. That article, just as the person who complained, is a waste of space upon this planet.
  5. Yes, Jon Stewart informed me of Sanchez's egregious error. Though, I'll default to my argument that that's what the media has become.
  6. My copy is due to arrive any day. I'm anxious, to say the least.
  7. I regret to say that I couldn't access the test, either. Though, Jon, it might be equally afraid of what happens if a 'Southerner' takes the test as a Brit.
  8. As an obsessive Civ IV player, I am growing more and more excited by the nanosecond (exponential growth, I do say!).
  9. "...in other news, gorram Asia has created a massive brown cloud over its land, in what can only be called the greatest political-correctness faux pas of the century. "Now, back to Tom with the weather."
  10. Entirely. But then, I'd have to go back to playing a regular, unmodded game. ...dibs on America, while we're at it.
  11. I do declare this statement is heresy of the worst kind.
  12. Most definitely; I hated having to scroll through tons of useless, first-level weapons because I was approaching/at my maximum capacity. A slowdown period sounds excellent. Against the larger Geth, I had no problem, but sniping the ground/shock troops occasionally provided a problem, what with their running about. Without having seen the game, I can't be sure, but most choices would have to trump Ashley (I never much cared for her character). Thanks for all the info, everyone!
  13. "Forward, the Light Brigade!"

    Was there a man dismay'd?

    Not tho' the soldier knew

    Someone had blunder'd:

    Theirs not to make reply,

    Theirs not to reason why,

    Theirs but to do and die:

    Into the valley of Death

    Rode the six hundred.

  14. Thanks again, Astor. I'll be sure to take the time to upgrade Normandy. I've found that the Infiltrator is rather fun to play as: the sniper rifle, especially when you find the more powerful ones, kills enemies in a single blast (at least, the basic level troops. Krogans tended to be a pain), while the pistol with marksman made shot work of most of my close-quarters enemies.
  15. Thanks, Astor. That's a pretty big relief; I couldn't help but roll my eyes when the AI bunker on the Moon was the exact same layout as the Biotic Cultists' compound. Interesting. Do these upgrades have a great effect on the ship, or are they just for show?
  16. Well, I'll sure forget how to operate the Mako. Are the smaller, non-essential planets as monotonous/repetitious as last time, or do they get a bit more unique? Sniping behind cover with assassination was one of my favorite moves from the previous game. I recall editing my weapons as often as possible, but how does one exactly upgrade the ship?
  17. Well, I just finished the original Mass Effect: My copy of Mass Effect II is shipping shortly; any hints or tips that you all have accumulated?
  18. He was a bit before my time, but RIP, nonetheless.
  19. And we have to wait another six months? The first item that really struck me was the 'finite resources.' I might have to guard my oil, now; I can recall more than one instance where a lack of oil had my tanks halting their advance until the supply lines were secure. Morphing from Barbarian cities into City States seems a decent move, but I can't imagine any real changes coming in other than not being permanently at war with them, and having diplomatic options (proxy war, mayhaps?). Combat has a me a tad concerned. 'Stacking,' I always felt, was an acceptable combat maneuver that had its benefits and risks, among which included have over one million soldiers being blown up with nukes. The dissolution of civics will be interesting. I found that each one had useful bonuses that allowed me to better shape my empire (Police State combined with State Property was always a fun one). I wonder how Social Policies will compare? Definitely a good thing, however, for unique leader bonuses. I tended to associate myself with the qualities (I always enjoyed 'charismatic'), and that led to a great deal of repetition. Thanks for the links, Sabre!
  20. I do contend '**** yeah.*' Civ IV is one of my favorites; I've played hour-long debacles that have led civilizations from brunt of society to a space-faring superpower, and have led massive armies across the deserts and jungles of the world with jets and nuclear weapons right on my tail. In other words, I'll be eagerly anticipating every single update and morsel of information leaked/released.
  21. Happy belated birthday, Jon! I don't imagine any of the times you went out have been good for your sleeping patterns...
  22. Always a fun experience to visit the zoo, though I haven't been to one in around five years (the regional preference seems to be NASCAR over animals, but I digress). My favorite sites to visit were always tigers (not the lions, though; I never held them in as high a degree) and, though they may scare me, the snakes.
  23. That says something about the people reviewing it, now doesn't it?
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