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  1. WOW! I haven't logged on to LF in a long time. So where do I go first? To the art thread of course! I've checked some of the new art that is up since I've been gone, there is alot, and there's alot of great stuff. As for my art, well I've been doing alot of stuff, I'm taking Independent Study, and next year I plan on applying to a few art colleges. I look at all this old stuff of mine in the thread and I can't help but smile, because I feel that I've improved so much in the months that I've been gone. So to everyone I've missed (if you still remember me that is xD) I'd just like to give a quick hello, and a recent artwork that I'm pretty proud of. http://fav.me/d2c0yo3 It is from a scene in The Notebook, I coloured it with Copic markers, one of my newest favourite meduims! If you're interested in my art, and would like to see more, here is a link to my dA page (and as an added bonus you'll get to see a picture of me.... The elusive Ewok who never used to post my picture online lol) http://rachelewok.deviantart.com/ Until next time! R_E =D
  2. OF course not! That's why if a nuclear war ever happens, I've got 'yer special kilts right here.
  3. I would take a trip to Scotland (which is where I've always wanted to live) dig a nice little bunker there and hide out there eating some stored up Phille Cheesesteak as my last meal... and of course I would take my dog and cat with me... Pfft, who NEEDS men anyway? Plus, I would totally tell everyone THIS will save you!!
  4. Yoda because he doesn't fall into a sarlacc pit as the dissappointing demise to a formerlly AWESOME character.
  5. This sounds like an interesting topic. I've taken a long break from RPs here, so I'd like to watch this to see if anyone else becomes interested before I create any characters. =)
  6. Definently Aqualish. Ugly. Stupid. Hate their voice. Despise Quarrens too. Especially how whats-his-face can say the word "Mira" in about 10 sentences. ><
  7. Sooo, are we going to just let the RP die? Right in the middle of the story? D=
  8. Wow. You all jumped on the poor guy. I know that sometimes we can get into heated arguments with subjects that we know little about such as Revan. Fear of the unknown. All I'm saying is we can all have our opinions, but some of these posts are borderline flaming. Just throwing that one out there. People should have a right to their opinions (no matter how CRAZY they may sound to everyone) and not be immediately shut down by just about everyone. Treat others the way you want to be treated? =3 Also, to lighten the mood... Imagine what Revan would look like if he/she (c'mon, I'm not a Revan fan BOY, its way cooler to think of Revan as a strong female Sith. There needs to be more strong women in the Star Wars universe...), in theory LIVED that long? I would want to kill him to put him out of his misery. Also, if we're giving him/her a ridiculous death, what could possibly be a more stupid demise than falling into the Sarlacc Pit? Getting killed by a Jawa. Yup, you heard me. Imagine Revan getting killed by a jawa, by accident or something. The 'lil guy was playing with a blaster he didn't realize still worked, and shot Revan right between the eyes. Uh huh, I think that would be pretty bad, and the most unsatisfying end to the icon of fanboyness. (Soooo, who wants to make that a reality? )
  9. Hmmm..... I think Coke and Pepsi taste exactly the same.... But I like Pepsi better- its always at my grandparent's house. I bet if we did a taste test no one would get it right, we did that at school as an experiment. Only one person was able to tell the Coca Cola from the Pepsi and the Diet Coke.... Out of 60 people tested. Sure not a big testing range, but still. >___> As for the new logo... Uhm, why are we so upset? It doesn't bother me... Its just the logo on a can you're going to *recycle* anyways.
  10. Whazzup, Rachel_Ewok? How are you?:D

  11. WOW! Those trees are gorgeous, it's almost as if I can reach out and touch them. ^^ I love trees, and I admire people who can paint them beautifully like that. ^^
  12. @Mr. BFA. Thank you! =D Arwen needs help, I know. XD I'm working on a different sketch of her. Thank you for all your suggestions, I'm trying to improve my figure drawing as well as my portraits. As for Ahsoka. Yes, in the TV show she is amazingly skinny, and I was trying to go for that style. That drawing is very stylized, I could re-draw her with more "human" proportions, but I like this one styled like that. Sometimes I like to exagerrate things when I draw. =P Don't worry about critisizing my art. I like hearing how I can improve it. You're good! ^^ *thumbs up* @HOP, Thank you! I love the fortune cookie one too. The owl was another painting in progress, and I got lazy with the concept sketch when I got to the feet. XD I'll go back and fix it. Drat, I couldn't get away with it, you noticed. Also with Ahsoka, I'll draw another and give her real proportions. It was fun to make her styled like that. =D Yay! I'm glad to know I'm improving!! ^^ @LordOfTheFish: Thank you! I love it when people comment on my artwork. =3
  13. Yup I'm losing faith in the human race one little thing after another. I mean, some things make up for what I lose but it doesn't happen too often. This began a while back when I was helping with a charity food drive, I asked my neighbors to each donate a bag of canned goods (we do this every year, its for school). The richest people in the neighborhood gave a bag with about 5 cans that were expired, no one wouldn't eat unless they HAD to, and one can was rusted. However, I gained a small amount of faith back, when the person who seemed worse off in our neighborhood donated a huge box full of canned goods. Anyways, little things just edge away at my faith in the human race. For example, today in history class we were talking about wars and I'm not 100% sure what the teacher said but one student responded, "Wait, I thought we totally won the Vietnam War... Didn't we drop the atom bomb on Japan?" Or when a friend put up on her facebook page the day Obama got elected "Obama bin Laden got elected!!!!" she was serious. She SERIOUSLY thought that was his name. It makes me want to go... live on Mars or something. I think I, I cried a tear of my soul. What little things help you lose (or maybe in some cases gain) faith in the human race?
  14. Ok, if you say so. I always love things with bright color. Colors make me happy. =P
  15. Rach. =3 I like that nickname. ^.^ I like this one, from what I can see of the water I like it. I also like the detail of the land. It looks real. ^^ Especially the reflections of the land in the water.
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