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  1. I don't like betas of 1.3 but I still have one idea that you might find useful. (I havent read this thread, so ignore this if it was posted b4) Something like bodydodging, working same as Parrying but without saber ( or with saber) . You press and hold button ''x'', and walk to dodge hits, same as when you are parrying. It wont hurt your dodge, but one undodged hit will kill you. It should figure as new force power ( well, something similar to saber defend). First levels of it should take some dodge, last shouldnt. It may be useful for melee+ force users, and it could make gameplay more.. movielike ( as you want ).
  2. omgf, everything works fine, really thank you man. Im thankful for your help for my clan. God bless you ^^
  3. Kk, console is fine now, but I have many ingame problems like... -Saberthrow isnt working -To see players/npcs/bots I have to use sense or be right next to em.. -I can't find moar bugz -cuz I dont see enemy, so cant check saber issues. Idk why its happening. Maybe it's cuz some issues in compiling? Griveous, can u try it again? IF you do, u gonna rllly pown ^^
  4. (sry for triple post lol) It looks like file is for 1.1.. this is what my console says: JAmp: v1.0.1.1 linux-i386 Nov 10 2003 ----- FS_Startup ----- Current search path: ./home/ojpenhanced /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/ojpenhanced/zzz_authenticsbase.pk3 (164 files) /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/ojpenhanced/ojp_enhancedstuff.pk3 (1200 files) /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/ojpenhanced/ojp_enhanceddlls.pk3 (3 files) /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/ojpenhanced ./linuxjampded/ojpenhanced ./home/base /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/base/assets3.pk3 (16 files) /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/base/assets2.pk3 (62 files) /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/base/assets1.pk3 (8320 files) /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/base/assets0.pk3 (15346 files) /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/base ./linuxjampded/base ---------------------- 25111 files in pk3 files execing mpdefault.cfg execing jampserver.cfg couldn't exec autoexec.cfg --- Common Initialization Complete --- Opening IP socket: Hostname: s2gda2.gamepad.pl Alias: s2gda2 IP: execing ojpenhancedserver.cfg sv_maxclients will be changed upon restarting. ------ Server Initialization ------ Server: mp/ffa3 ----- FS_Startup ----- Current search path: ./home/ojpenhanced /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/ojpenhanced/zzz_authenticsbase.pk3 (164 files) /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/ojpenhanced/ojp_enhancedstuff.pk3 (1200 files) /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/ojpenhanced/ojp_enhanceddlls.pk3 (3 files) /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/ojpenhanced ./linuxjampded/ojpenhanced ./home/base /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/base/assets3.pk3 (16 files) /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/base/assets2.pk3 (62 files) /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/base/assets1.pk3 (8320 files) /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/base/assets0.pk3 (15346 files) /home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/base ./linuxjampded/base ---------------------- 50222 files in pk3 files Loading dll file jampgame. Sys_LoadDll(/home/panel/user_files/s17820/JKJA/ojpenhanced/jampgamei386.so)... Sys_LoadDll(jampgame) found **vmMain** at 0x13b34d0 Sys_LoadDll(jampgame) succeeded! ------- Game Initialization ------- gamename: OJP Enhanced v0.1.1 gamedate: Feb 20 2008 ------------------------------------------------------------ InitGame: \sv_maxclients\10\dmflags\0\fraglimit\0\timelimit\0\capturelimit\8\g_privateDuel\1\g_saberLocking\1\g_maxForceRank\7\duel_fraglimit\20\g_forceBasedTeams\0\g_duelWeaponDisable\1\g_gametype\0\sv_hostname\GoSW RP server\sv_maxRate\0\sv_minPing\0\sv_maxPing\0\sv_floodProtect\1\sv_allowDownload\0\g_weaponDisable\0\g_forcePowerDisable\0\g_forceRegenTime\250\g_siegeTeamSwitch\1\g_stepSlideFix\1\g_allowNPC\1\g_debugMelee\1\g_maxGameClients\0\g_jediVmerc\0\g_saberDamageScale\1\g_siegeRespawn\20\g_siegeTeam1\none\g_siegeTeam2\none\sv_fps\50\g_saberanimspeed\1.2\OJP_allowbodydodge\0\g_dodgeRegenTime\1000\g_minHumans\2\g_maxBots\1\g_allowBotLimit\0\ojp_skipcutscenes\0\version\JAmp: v1.0.1.1 linux-i386 Nov 10 2003\g_maxHolocronCarry\3\g_needpass\0\protocol\26\mapname\mp/ffa3\sv_privateClients\0\g_noSpecMove\0\gamename\OJP Enhanced v0.1.1\g_saberWallDamageScale\0.4\bg_fighterAltControl\0\g_showDuelHealths\0 Server works but with many bugs, and crashes every 5 min. So it is like server - 0.1.1 - client 0.1.2. So im needing jampgame386.so for 1.2.
  5. Isnt this file for OJP 1.1? It looks like 1.1 for me.
  6. woo! O.o man, good job, I have to check it now, hope it works.
  7. refreshing.. Im really in need of this files ;d.. anyone here has working linux server? If you do.. contact me by PM or xfire.. nick: xarthes
  8. when he will ;O ?oh and maybe one of linux server owners have it on drive? If you do.. plox upload ;D and a little guide how-to-run OJP on linux server would be nice. Thanks.
  9. Whats up with files for linux server? I tryed to DL it today, couple of days ago and.. wtf The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire. why? I need this files for my Linux server ASAP. (Link to Darth's thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=189546 )
  10. Yea I had this error many times when I forgot I have JA minimalized, so I tryed to run game second time. All you have to do is open task manager, shut down both of JA copies, then run it once again from shortcut
  11. And one organisation.. Galaxy of Star Wars = Jedi Order + New Galactic Empire So its : 3 academies and one clan xD
  12. Oh, I need linux version too. Maybe if you succed with this linux version, you will share with me? and tutorial would be nice
  13. Where I can get this source, and where this "makefile" is. Thanks
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