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  1. Never heard of that... And all that could have been done to make something similar is to replace the animations with the MBII or OJP ones, as we don't have any code whatsoever from SP.
  2. I'm contributing my weapons work to them too, as they contacted me and the rest of the HPMod team and asked if we would like to join... I've gotta say that there's a really big mod they're doing, but I think they can handle. Actually tried to convince them to base the maps on OJP CoOp in the beginning. I could get in touch with Selman (the team leader) and see what he says about it.
  3. Personally I prefer setting it to 4 - SFX's saber blades.
  4. Did you set cg_movieSabertype to 3? When it's on 0 the sabers looks like in Base.
  5. Oh, huge job to do Tanq! Good luck mate! You're gonna need it... Are you creating brand new animations in Dragon or are you basing them off the base anims?
  6. With the addition of a Force TK power, that would be even more awesome! Max has got permission for those. Unfortunately those are also the only custom hilts that work on the TNT server... Exactly my opinion! I like those. Maybe someone can adapt the color themes of the icons to fit the OJP theme? Definitively! How do you think I feel... My special talents are effects, sounds and models. But some of this is pretty new (I started modelling last winter), and I did that mod before I even knew how to create a simple mesh... Although Beast wasn't so easy to find: He left the modding community 1½ years ago, and I think he's got a new email address (he checks his old one very rarely), plus that the MBII documentation didn't leave any email contacts whatsoever... But we've sorted that out now, with the help from the JK3Files staff (thanks Inyri for getting me on track!), so why keep on doing this ballet of accuses and aggressivity? I worked on that mod for 2 years, and you gather a lot of things that you can't remember where you got'em from. Can you be sure you're not plagiarizing?
  7. Yet another difference between JO holocrons and OJP holocrons: When you're picking up a Saber Offence Holocron in JO you get access to all three saber styles. In OJP you have to stick to Shii-Cho. How about giving the player some more saber styles (maybe not all, as staff and dual sabers can be pretty unbalanced against other players) when picking up that holocron? And maybe the same for the Jedi Master?
  8. But..? But..! I thought..? *Resignative* Ah, sorry guys! Big apoligies, I didn't mean to offend you in any way. I thought my contribution to the mod would be something to make it even better, and I've worked really hard on doing this. But what's the response? Being called an arrogant liar because of a small misunderstanding, and getting my day ruined..?! Please, can I get a second chance on proving that I can do some good contribution to this mod? (Max, don't be mad at me, please. We've had our friction, but can you get over it?) No, as some MB2 player/dev found out, complained about in the comments, leading to Kouen removing the file. And it all happened while I was away and couldn't even see it was up for a moment... Soon, I got help from both Nozyspy and Pahricida to get in touch with Beast, and we sorted it out perfectly fine. Once again, apoligizes for any uncomfort I've done to you. But: Think of what uncomfort you (all people on the planet...) may cause before you write something. I think I've learnt that lession now... We are all human beings y'know. We do errors, but we also have options.
  9. The good thing about Cairn Dock 1 is that Raven released the .map with the SDK, and JediNight included the source with his Ladder. Although I don't think I'll do a release of cairn_dock1, as it is grey as you say, Carbon. Plus that it's really buggy, and I'm too lazy to go through the map and fix that. BUT my version of the Ladder works fine, and I think that would be a fine addition to the OJP maps. The differences between mine and the original: Different textures; now it looks like the pit in Cairn where you faced your first two shadowtroopers. Realistic lighting; the lighting now comes from the light surfaces on the walls and above the bridge. "Recovery room"; a door at the end of the bridge takes you into a NPC-free room where you can heal up, or watch the others fight the waves of reborns through the window. So, what do you think? It would add about 14 Mb to the filesize if included.
  10. Umm, not! For CoOp you would have to convert scripts etc. I've started making a OJP CoOp version of the old Cairn Dock 1 level in JK2. I'm currently compiling the .bsp. Your task: Get yourself and your team unnoticed onboard the Doomgiver. Do you think that would fit for includal in OJP, along with JediNight's Ladder? (It was really fun playing against the waves of reborns with the saber system and Force powers in OJP...)
  11. Oh yes? *Copy&Paste from email conversation with George Lee, a.k.a. Beast, retired from the MB2 team*: His reply, 15 days later... There. Good to go for OJP, yay! And now I've used his models as a base for mine (as just ripping it from MB2 wouldn't work at all), plus that I've made a lefthanded model to get rid of the 'see-through holes in gun' issue you get when using the same model for both right and left hand models.
  12. Permission granted for: - DL-44 Pistol models from MBII (by Beast) - Dark Forces Mod weapon models (by Salv Barale) I use all these, modified, in my clientside mod for OJP, so maybe you should reconsider letting me do the weapons for the real mod?
  13. In the week I converted the JK2 MP maps to JKA and tweaked around with different game types etc. As most of the JK2 maps have holocrons by default I didn't make holocron positions in the waypoint editor, and they work fine. Although I noticed two things: When you pick up an entity holocron (in the map by default), an "Obtained Force Push" etc. message is shown in the middle of the screen. This does not show up when picking up placed holocrons (in the BaseJKA maps) When picking up an entity holocron, the "sound/player/holocron.wav" sound is played. A placed holocron pickup is silent. Now, this doesn't affect gameplay much, it's more like a design flaw. Could you please add in the message and sound for the holocrons in v.1.3?
  14. Ha, head on the nail there, Max! Dead on!
  15. Though it would still be really nice playing the JK2 SP maps in CoOp, if someone just could make some sort of patch program to rip them from the JK2 CD... 'Til then, I guess we'll just have to do that by hand.
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