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  1. Yeah, even the teachers were blocked out, that was the problem. Only computers that weren't directly connected to school/education (like, the teachers own laptops) could go on the internet. It was ridiculous.

    So we just found a loada proxies. (A)

  2. Many a time! Usually to do with maths projects I had in high school. I always want to do the most difficult thing, even if it takes a lot more time. Like, the teacher told us we could put "+" instead of "and"... but i still wrote "and." Tiny example of how stubborn I am lol. So anyway, when it came to projects I'd always pick the most difficult one, to try and get better grades/to impress... I usually always got my grade, but it took from my social life!


    Y'know, the main character, Nick, from the Great Gatsby reminds me so much of you. It's like I'm reading your life story every time I read it. It's a good book, I think, now. I was quick to judge at the beginning, but now I like it. :)

  3. You heard about the planes and banks going bankrupt then? The worlds all very frantic at the moment... and The Liberal Democrats have started saying 'vote for us and we will stop the credit crunch!'



    Uhhuh yeah sure.


    Your sister will most likely go out of business if she goes into a business because of the credit crunch. I advise she get an ORDINARY job. Your parents would be smart to not give her any money at all.

  4. I used to go on the tinternet in high school allll the time. until they filtered EVERY website, including google at one point. but then even the teachers started to complain to the headteacher. that was just retarded.



  5. Want to go over to deviantart? it's a lot easier, and since you're working, you won't have to remember everything I say & go onto another page.

  6. I've seen the demo... I like it. I've been told it's 'disappointing', but that's their opinion. I usually don't care much for long, dragged out story plots with lots going on... especially in games (unless it's my favourite game, like KOTOR - then more story plot would be nice)... but it's just a game I want to play. Not a story I want to read. ;) games are my escape from that sort of thing... like a break if you will. (obviously if it was NO story plot I'll just scrap the thing.)

  7. Serious topics are hard to come by amongst students... at least when you first talk to them. But you'll find that if you get to know a person, you'll be able to have much deeper conversations... and that leads to serious topics.

    I know that I wouldn't really speak to a random person about my view on religion or life... unless I was joking about it. It's just... not done.


    And btw, about your tree seedling thing... we have to cut down trees >_> its a bit stupid.

  8. So how you finding your majors and minors?

  9. I just did my 500 word homework... whilst a vein was throbbing in my head because my dads girlfriend wouldn't shut up about GOD! even when I said 'be quiet im trying to do homework', 3 minutes later, shes yapping again! she always does it. all. the. time.


    my classes are good, the people in them are a bit... ordinary. No ones really 'my sort of person'... but I guess that's not what friendships about. It's about who you get along with, not who you're like. It's just easier to get along with someone who you're like.

    I did hang around with random people at dinner... and some guy kept on STARING at me.

  10. Bleh, I had 3 hours to kill earlier. So I finished all my homework and chilled with some people. :)

    And I knew... he kind of gave a point.

  11. Hehe I'm in college, and I'm on a supposed to be blocked website.


    Anyway, I best go or else Im gonna get caught!

  12. Gosh that does sound boring. I'm glad I'm not in America lol. I'm in college atm, doing a 500 word h/w for Media. It's all very easy, but I'm on my own since I'm the only one who has a free period atm. Which is fine by me, because it meant I didn't have to complete my homework last night.

    I plan on venturing to the library soon and reading something... or I might go to Asda. I need something to do because 500 words isn't a lot.


    I hope you're having a good time, despite the tree stuff and the searching for seedlings.


    And what do you mean, I should've laughed? :lol: We were merely talking about opinion. ;)

  13. Eexactly. Besides, what way is the right way? For all you know, working for the sake of money IS the right way ;) but it's what we make life, is what matters.


    I'm not one of those people btw lol. I want money, but I'd never pass up my greatest dream for a lousy well paid job. Thats just stupid.

  14. I think I'm just gonna stick with the xbox360 until it becomes like as old as the PS1. I like it and it has all the games I want... plus keyboards annoy the hell out of me. Even when I'm just typing.


    Guess where I am right now? :xp: college computer room! Lucasforums isn't filtered. ;)

  15. Ahh, you don't have a games console? I've already got an xbox 360, so I'm okay with it. I've been waiting for this game since... Well, before May. I'd given up on K3, and put my hopes on this :D


    Did you know Mark Hamel (or whatever) was jealous of Harrison Ford? =o

  16. I'm watching the TV show for another 40 minutes.


    And The Force Unleashed comes out on Friday here T_T I hate how everything comes out in England last - I thought it was out on Tues, and I got all excited and ready to go out... but at least now it won't be sold out, since I go home from college @ 12 on Friday, and most school kids/workers won't be home until at least 4ish.


    It looks amazing - you're already obsessed with SW, why not just add to it? :p

  17. Yeah, plus, killing off Atton or Disciple would've been fun, DS or LS.

    I didnt like the idea of the droid planet, it was a bit of a boring idea. Apparently, though, they had the idea for Sleheyron (restoration project thing) but they trashed the idea.

  18. You watching that "bring back... Star Wars" by Justin Lee Collins?

  19. I hate the council in the films too - they ruin everything and disagree with everyone. It's like having a big dysfunctional family bickering over everything and anything.


    Luke was rather annoying though, because he was a typical hero... but he wasn't like 'superman' because he wasn't a proper jedi until the end.


    I like all the parts of the cut content that I've read... but the end was a big 'wow why did they cut that?' y'know where the Ebon hawk crew got together and tried to attack Kreia before the Exile could get to her, and then they were imprisoned... and Atton dying, for one! Oh and if you were DS, Atton killed Disciple :^:

  20. I think K2 could've been so much better if they didn't cut all of that content. The stuff it took out seems so interesting, and would definitely have made the game ten times better.

    - they're making a mod to put in all of the cut content - or at least most of it. ;)


    The films, however, were just that - films. They were also the first SW things out, if we're talking about the original trilogy, so they had to be pretty basic. i think it was good that it wasn't JUST Jedi, though - it made it a little cooler, but KOTOR was a nice change. I think if it was ALL based around jedi, the films, the books, the games - it'd get old and boring.

  21. I've got sims 2, but I hate designing the actual places. Sometimes it's ok, but I'd rather just get on with the game lol.


    I prefer the luke trilogy to the anikan trilogy... but I just prefer KOTOR above them all. If Han Solo was in KOTOR in place of Atton, KOTOR would be the greatest :D

  22. I've only seen it one and a half times before... the second time the disk broke half way through at the ewok bit. It wasn't as good because my dads girlfriend was going on about how princess leia was incest for the most of it.


    you play sims?

  23. Hey - how're things going? :)


    I'm watching SW episode 6 atm. It's all very cool.

  24. Sometimes they've got no choice but to do a particular job ;)

    What happens when you've got no grades to be a scientist, but you can play guitar pretty well? What happens when you don't have the grades to become a teacher, but you can write stories pretty well?


    You don't need grades for that sort of thing... it's skill and luck and fans that gets you in. You don't have to love it to do it. ;)

  25. I've got to go now, anywho.


    I'll speak to you tomorrow perhaps.


    Good night. :)

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