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  1. Well, being indoors on the internet, despite how many online friends you have, can make you severely depressed! There's just something better about a reaaal person. :xp:

    I've dealt with this sort of thing for years upon years - I'm sick of it. That's the only reason I'm going to see a counselor. I don't want it to keep happening.

    you know?

  2. The world needs people who don't dwell, who aren't influenced by everyone else around them.

    But those people often become procrastinating, ignorant and hedonistic. Because life's a laugh, so there's no point in being serious. ;)

    Or at least, these are the two extremes.


    Ever been to a counselor?

  3. huh? sevenfold? :confused:


    And that photo was taken a while ago, when I was on holiday. I look tres worse now. aha. I'm terrified! Tomorrow's that counselor meeting.



    How are you doing?

  4. Yeah it's an MMO - it's official lol. I probably couldn't afford a monthly fee - not with everything that's gone on the last few weeks! Though if it's £10-15 I wouldn't mind paying it. Then again I have a phone contract too... meh, it better be cheap or I won't be a happy bunny. :^:


    I haven't seen your story in a while! You got the next chapter(s) on the way, then? Awesome. :) I can't wait... I've got QFR chptr 8 nearly done, so hopefully it'll be good. I haven't written anything other than essays for a bit. lol.


    It's not soo much the counseling that's bothering me, but where the room is. It's like, right out in the open! If someone stands close enough to the door, they could hear everything (it's in college) sooo, I could be telling my secrets to a randomer!

    Pluus none of my friends know, so I've got to sneak in and sneak out without anyone noticing me.



  5. When'd you send that message? :confused: I don't think I got it... sorry if I did. :(

    I probably meant to reply, but I forgot lol. Happens a lot.


    Bleh, I have so much work! Done two tests, but the homework is hiiiigh. Though tomorrow I'm off timetable. :) And Friday is going to scare the hell out of me, because I'm seeing that counselor. *shudder* Really, what was I thinking?


    You seen 'TOR' (as it's called now)? I can understand why people are annoyed about it, but I seriously think it's going to be good! Any Star Wars game has potential to be amazing... wouldn't you agree? ;)

  6. What do you mean, English? o.0



    And aye, I'm off soon myself... gonna write chptr 3 for Shiver.

  7. I'm alright today. Done two biiig tests in two days, procrastinated against homework (of course) and discovered I love the band Rise Against!

    you? :)

  8. I don't mind. I mean, KOTOR was possibly the best game I ever played, but all good things have to end.

    Chances are if there was another KOTOR, there'd be more unresolved endings. Stories are like that.


    'TOR' as it's called now... probably won't be as good, but I still think I'll enjoy it. :]

  9. I think it's interesting still... Because KOTOR was called Knights of the old republic, not Revan's story or Exile's story. I thought they'd have made Darth Bane's story if not that though. hmm...


    As long as it's free online, I'm buying.

  10. Just read it, myself.

    300 years? I don't get it... How can it be KOTOR3 if it's 300 years later? :confused: How do they expect to continue the story? The characters will all be dead!


    I've got exams every week. -_-; but I'm on a break next week - half term. When do you have a break?

  11. You did say you thought FU looked rubbish, but you like that now. ;) Give things chances, instead of judging 'em. Riiight?


    In my world... Finished 2/3 tests. I think I've done rubbish on the Biology test. But, I have a new favourite band - Rise Against.


  12. I know, but they're my friends. I've dealt with them for years, it's just now I can't. It's so annoying.

    Anyway, I can't read it right now... I've got to come offline. Maybe later on tonight, when I've had a shower/done my work? :)

    See you later maybe.

  13. Well I told someone I wanted to meet them, but he's my ex... so I told him I didn't want to meet him ALL the time. So he got upset, and backed out. It made me really angry and I can't cope with those sort of things. I sent a really long angry note back telling him to get on with his own life if he doesn't like who I am.


    And today my friend called my an idiot by lying to someone about something I did (it was a joke, entirely) and I ended up blowing up and walking off.



  14. At the moment he's travelling through South Carolina on his show. :) I used to know someone who moved from my home area, to there. They told me it was boring, and I never actually comprehended until I saw how... rural it was.


    A question: Do you ever feel like you can't cope with small things like people telling you to tidy up, disagreeing with you, getting upset beause of small things you said?

  15. No, no, I didn't mean it like that.

    I want to keep talking, if you want. :) I have to go in 30 minutes anyway... so I may well use the time I have.

  16. I liked the editting - a lot better than the original. made much more sense, and was more dramatic. Nicely done. :^:


    I really should be doing my work, but I have sooo little motivation, so close to the half term lol. Have you ever heard of Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against? Reminds me so much of KOTOR, because of the refugees on nar shaddaa.

  17. Pff, hold on I shall check out the paragraphs.


    Anyway, I have quite a good superego, toooo! I just like my id a bit too much. :^: no one likes their superego. and my egos pretty lame lol.

    we moved onto a new topic today - stress. :)

    & studying is best not underdone, but not overdone either.

  18. If I typed this webaddress into the bar above, when I didn't want to talk or check messages, why did I do it? :xp: course I'll talk. But deep down I know i'm just putting off work. haha.


    I do have someone who distracts me. During that test, I was trying to write the answer to number one, ad he went "what's the answer?" and then question two it was the same. God, annoying.

  19. I don't get it - are you planning to like meet the end to the beginning, mid-way? :confused: I can't read it now - I'm doing research... eurgh.


    I dunno yet, but my previous Psycho test was 22/30... which is a B. :/

  20. I'm all manner of things, but most importantly, relieved that the first test is over.


  21. I'll look out for it. ;) whenever it's on next.

    Today my friend said I was a suck up in Psychology, because I got a 50/60 stress level on some test... and because I do extra reading on it. :¬:

    Don't get me wrong, he's ace, but hmf!

  22. Fan of Stephen Fry? He's done a tv show about his trips around America. Where abouts are you? He might go up there on it. :)

  23. Have fun, I guess.


    My game requires so little effort that it's PERFECT for my id. :^: Especially since it's my favourite game!

    Anyway, it's when you get into the psychosexual stages stuff that it gets all weird. o.0

  24. Oh crap, a fuse has blown in my laptop charger. o_o

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