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  1. Haha, I tried to use my supaa persuasion skills, but her internet goofed up, and I saw no point in chasing after her. I'm resorting to the final... resort. I'm asking my other friend to ask her if I can come. There's 3 places left, and I am SO getting it! ;)


    How are you today? :)

  2. Socialising is very important to how someone views life, y'know. It isn't just a thing people can choose to have or not - it makes people enjoy life, and can uplift you from horrible places at times. If all you've got to cheer you up is a playstation, then you should seriously consider what you should do.


    Anyway, it's not that I don't want you to know. I just don't want to depress you lol.

  3. Thank you sooo much for the support to my poems.


    Greatly appreciated.

  4. My feeling down goes beyond college and the credit crunch worries.

    But I won't go into it.


    What's the issue with college?

  5. You need to be pretty open minded with Psychology, and I guess you would do well with it, yeah. Either way I got a sticker out of the 100% thing. lol.


    Apart from that, I'm a bit down. Actually scratch that. I'm a lot down. If you read ANYTHING on my deviantart page, you'd think "where the hell did Sophie go?"

  6. Tried & gave up. lol. Alcohol's just too nice... as long as I don't drink loads. Which is silly because on Saturday I plan on getting hammered.


    I know! Anyone could be sued these days. I bet Psychologists always get sued. ;) Better look out for that one. Anyway, today my psychology teacher said I'm a good diagnosis person for someone who's only just started Psychology (because I answered all the 25 questions correct, giving detailed reasons for why I thought so.)



  7. I guess you caught me in an okay-ish time, providing you don't log off now. :)

    Tomorrow I'm getting nice and drunk. I know, I lied, I didn't give up drinking. So sue me!

  8. I'm doing good, thanks.

    Seeing a counselor next Friday... -_- got three tests, really big ones too, next week.... BUT I'm going to either a big cool party on Saturday, OR a club on Saturday. So, either way I win. right? :D

    How are you?

  9. Ookay, my list isn't that extensive :lol: but it's still a list, and that's a lot for a girl!

    Most of them can't stand games, most of them only have like a gameboy or a ds.

    But I? No! An xbox360, I have. Also an xbox, a ps1, 2, all gameboys, a ds... etc.


    I'm currently sucking up to some girl I barely know, so I can go to her party, where there's loads of fit uni student guys going. :) Thing is, she's young and loves herself, and i'm AMAZING at appealing to people's egos. So a BIG ego should be easy... i just need to start a conversation without seeming suspicious...

  10. Ahh, so you have a deviantart site? :) I do too - I'll add you. Name's Yasuzoma on it lol.

    I'll read some of your poetry and comment... it's the least I can do. :^:

  11. They thought you were depressed because you were sad for a week, because someone died? I think anyone with a SANE mind would be a little down for a week. Plus, don't they know that you have to have like 5 symptoms consistent for 1-2 weeks? lol. I can imagine that interview...


    "So how do you feel?"

    "Pretty good, thanks, you?"

    "Erm... nothing troubling you?"

    "Er, nope."

    "Nothing you want to say at all?"

    "Well I asked you how you were... if that helps?"

    "Hmm... I think we're done here."




    Anyway, I get my Psychology test results tomorrow. :) I reaaallly hope I've done like supaah good, cause I want to impress the teacher, and show that I'm not just all talk and no action. If I get like a D or a C, it'll be like "oh, erm, she's not very good." if it's a B, it'll be "shes just ordinary" buut if it's an A-A*, it'll be "wow, shes so0o0o gonna be a Psychologist!"


    Any idea of what you wanna be when you're older? :)

  12. Actually, I'm not introvert lol I'm quite the opposite. I like being indoors sometimes, but wow that can drive me crazy. Sometimes I fantasise about staying out late until like 6am, and not coming home til days later. And I'd endure the yelling off my parents, because it'd just be soooo worth it! :xp: But yes, I'm not introvert. I'm one of those spontaneous people who goes out after college mid-week, even if I had a test the next day, just to get drunk and stay out late.

    I didn't say I was bipolar :lol: my friend said I sounded like one, but I highly doubted it. High being like 99.9% sure I'm not. :) If I was, then I'd at least be able to say "hah! I was 0.1% sure I had it!" - I do this with everything. So basically, I know I don't.


    Enough ranting.


    You don't own an xbox? :o well I don't go on mine much, but I love games. Obviously.

  13. :lol: You've spent wayyyy too much time on the xbox! I love the nerdy way of life though. It's so... fulfilling! Okay, it's pretty bland. but yes, we must have brandy and cigars. It's just... a necessity. It's a pity there's a smoking ban, indoors. And plus I'd probably get arrested for drinking underage haha. Oh welll, that never stopped me before. ;)


    I'll let you in on one or two things then... I've always had this mild insomnia, and someone said I act like I have bipolar disorder. lol. I don't believe the latter, but definitely have the first.

  14. Nah, it's all fine. You're all happy, and I don't want to depress you. :) It's a-ok! besides I'm ok atm.


    never heard of those games, but i can't wait until Fable 2 comes out! I'm so excited for it's release :D and I can't wait for halloween either, but that's not a game. It can be... but it's not.

    I'm really interested in Psychology - it's so awesome. I have it on a Monday, and i find myself looking forward to waking up at 6.30am just to attend that class. Aha, I'm a nerd. :^:

  15. Ah, I don't want to burden people with problems, when I can chuck them all on a counsellor. ;)

    I've also decided I want to be a Psychologist, if I hadn't told you already.

    I'm thinking in constantly psychoanalyst mode. It's crazy. o.o

  16. Haha wow, through the fire and flames on medium :D you've had a few accomplishments over the past few weeks, eyy? :)

    It must be wonderful knowing that in a matter of weeks, you'll have your own little lifeform running around, saying his/her first words. :^: Too right, you should be having butterflies! :lol:


    Things are okay. I'm getting As in all my classes, which is aw-shum. but I'm going to the college counsellor, because I'm all messed up in the head & need someone to talk to, since my friends are incompetant lol. I've been better, really. But I'm still living life!

  17. Awww wow, congratulations! :^: I'm tres happy for you and the lucky gal. lol.


    How's life been? :) Good I suppose?

    And don't worry about the story thing :lol: I've hardly even had time to chat.

  18. I wish I could do that lol when I'm commenting on peoples poems I tend to be to the point and short, but give me an essay question on Psychology and I'll write pages :lol:


    I love poetry - do you write any? If you have got poetry on the site, then sorry lol... I've not really looked at the coruscant entertainment centre much lately - just my friends work that I've promised to read. Tell you what - college is nice, but difficult!

  19. Hey there. :] Thanks so much for the compliments, by the way! I'm not used to such indepth reading on my poetry lol.

    I'm good thanks, yourself?

  20. Yeah, my high school teahers despised me, because the easy lessons were just so... easy. I must admit, I got a bit full of myself ;) but come on! A* and three As is good. >.> I've only just started Biology (switched lessons) and I've already got 10/10s on essays, and As on tests. My friends clearly jealous, because he can only get Cs, but it's funny because he consistently said I 'have no intelligence, I would never understand a-level biology, and not to be mean, he doubted whether I'd even be able to get a C."

    Talk about faith in your best friend, ey?


    I'm seeing the college counsellor. :( It's soo scary. I've never been so scared before! My Psychology teacher figured there was something wrong, when I kept on talking about guilt and stuff, and advised i saw the counsellor. >_> I had to convince myself for two weeks to listen to her advice.

    eeeek. Personally, I think people who understand my poems will have a good insight to my life. o0o0o.


    Ohh, mooore characters? :xp: I love Gina! She's perfect :D. (In the non-lesbian or human/robot romance way.) definitely have a good character there... I was rather interested in the evil cyborg - can't wait to see how that goes!


    I looked forward in DYs fic (I know i'm terrible) and saw Atris and Exile talking. I was very shocked to see DY not shaming her to death. :lol:

  21. Wow, there's only been 5 chapters? It seems like a lot more. Don't know why lol.


    I hate how a bad grade can do that to the overall thing. I'm getting a load of As, but I didn't revise for one of them (pure laziness) and got a D. It made me look so stupid :( lol so I've been making up for it by being inquiring, quick-to-the-answer and impressing the teacher by doing EXTRA reading.

    I know, I'm a little nerd. :)


    I hate Atris, but she's not actually THAT bad. It's just a matter of nature. :^:

  22. Gotta' love the Atris-Haters club! :xp:


    I read half of your newest chapter, but I didn't have time to read the rest, yet. I'm tired, atm, too, and even put off homework! I know, shock horror.

    Hows school? :)

  23. Well I am a klutz lol. I'm such a klutz, I put two ys on the end of my name, when I only meant to put one.




    & the Huntress isn't going anymore.

  24. Haha, me too. Get 'em all the time. :¬:

    I suppose being a klutz, these things happen!

  25. God, save me. Not real ones though - just tests. My real exams are in January. But i'm as up to date as I can be.


    now you see what's amazing about consoles. ;) Are you interested in Fable? Cause Fable II is coming out, and I can't wait to get it! Christmas presents are just heavenly. But the thing is, I can afford my own stuff now, because I'm getting £30 a week off the government... :) I've gotten a nice coat and all. I love being a student.

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