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  1. "then how would another custom map load right after that" There's an ICARUS command that loads a new map, if I recall correctly
  2. So, you mean, if the server host changes his .sab files, then he can make some hilts more powerful than others, and therefore cheat? I don't think of it as a problem, since everybody with that certain hilt would have higher damage rates. Cheating is defined as something that gives you an unfair advantage over the opponent, but in this case, the opponent can gain the same advantage. With this in mind, perhaps set up a function that will compare .sab file variables across clients with the server and kick those who has different data (and it would not be based on pk3 checksum either, but straightforward comparison of the values) That way, IF the server owner decides to modify the values, the clients would have to do the modifications as well.
  3. How exactly does .sab file modification allow you to cheat? Do you actually say that the JA server -trusts- the client with the data? From my experience, the only thing client-side .sab files are used for is for rendering purposes. The other parameters are set and controlled by a server, including -actual- number of blades (if you can see it, it does not mean that the server can), the damage and the length/radius. If the person has an extra .sab file that the server does not have, afaik it either does not let them choose it, or counts their saber as the default type. However, if the server -trusts- the client with that data, then all of the above is wrong, and the FIRST and FOREMOST goal should be on getting this to be controlled fully server-side.
  4. I doubt so Most likely something along of the lines 'if you use this, make sure to add my name to list of credits' To be honest, I myself am not entirely siding with OJP philosophy
  5. FYI, the first stable version of GLAMerge, that actually would work IF the skeleton was right (it was the same one as the version of it in the unedited version of the howto post) - did I confuse you yet? - had the source publically available for about 6 months. Guess how many downloads of it I got? yes, that's right, about 3. So I figured it out, if nobody wanted it, I would not bother with it anymore. Those that ask me for it, the ones that still are involved in modding and can use the source code to benefit from it, get it. I.E Wudan, Razor Ace, Tchouky.
  6. Not precisely First of all, I was returning a favor, after all, you gave me the source of glaneo Second, I know you and the target that you strive to achieve, therefore my code can only help you. Feel free to improve over it, the code is awfully messy as I look at it now. It could use some optimisations in terms of searching for data and manipulating it. However, I do frown at you for that remark. That wasn't needed at all.
  7. 3 ways: 1) Native - Edit->Find->Find in files , set root dir to something like <location of code>, or <location of code>\game, depends where you want it to start searching from Tick "look in subfolders", enter your text into search field and off you go. 2) Plugin for VS.net - There's a very good plugin for VS6/.NET called VisualAssist. It provides you with this service (any many more) on-the-fly. However it's commercial (30 day trial is available I believe) 3) External - get Doxygen (http://www.doxygen.org) Run it and create a default.cfg Edit it to fit your preferences (namely path to code files and depth of parsing). Run doxygen again with the edited file as parameter. Wait a few hours and it will generate cross-reference/documentation for the code (the level of documentation depends on the level of the comments in code)
  8. Poke http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=107116 This also works in JA, just get the JA skeleton by Corto (was linked in JA Modelling), and use the already given .car file in the SDK
  9. This is NOT a bug. It's a technical limitation. Sound is never streamed continuosly. Instead, it's buffered either in DirectSound internal buffer or if you have a state-of-the-art sound card, it has some internal ram to buffer the sounds. The game's pause function can't have effect on the directsound module, since in practice, you already executed the function call to play the contents of the buffer. As for the game, it's good. Nevermind the fact that it crawls on my PC. It's still good
  10. ASk

    JKA netcode

    you have 'rate' (it's either rate, sv_rate or cl_rate, I believe the former is the clientside and middle is server-side) 2) Laggy? It's fine for me when I play it, if you use a router, that may be the cause of the lag spikes. 3.)What does the Net_SendPacket: WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL message mean? From Winsock error message guide: WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL Specified address is not available This error occurs when an application attempts to connect to a remote host, and the address is not available from the local system.
  11. Since demos essentially use the network protocol to playback, they break between patches. That happens in ALL Q3-engine games. So that's a normal occurence.
  12. since I am lazy, start the game in Solo and check the value of g_gametype I believe that it's 5. Otherwise, g_gametype 5 in JK2 just upped the bot damage and made them slightly more agressive (less delay between think()'s)
  13. At the time of that posting, I was seventeen, one month and one week old. But then again, we all know that I own you, matt
  14. Yes, as "Single Player with bots" option in JAMP.exe menu that's precisely what the enum refers to. Other than that, there are the holocron/yssal and jedi master. I see no reason why the code for them was yanked out, seeing as JK2 had some JA code in it (prototype of Siege), as such, a simple mod would enable them.
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