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  1. Well as i said only bots are bugged when it comes to team game types(one of the teams never attack another) but you can play free for all,duel,etc.... Other bugs are not affecting game play much... Download those two parts http://www.mediafire.com/?hfyjib3fmmy http://www.mediafire.com/?dvhvnaidmzm when you extract them you will get pk3 files of the mod i had to do it that way because slower upload speed
  2. I remember when jke 3.1 files were posted on forum,everyone was getting that error.We were told just to open kotoldfiles.pk3 with pakscape and find string/English/menus2 and add line "ENDMARKER" (without quotes) at the bottom If you want i can upload jke 1.3 files which i have, but they are just early beta version that i know off.Although newer version has never been released for public. If you are planning to play it with other people then i can upload them.But if you want to play alone with bots,then i recommend you to find on moddb serenity/stoiss eoc mod which is very similiar to ojp(it has ojp code in it) because ojp bots were always seriosly bugged and never fixed(you cant play team game types).
  3. Where can i download that euka mod?
  4. the cvar is something like OJP_FFARESPAWNTIMER 0 :/.
  5. Can you change in dual stance attack with right hand to attack with left hand(so the left hand would be main ) because i am left handled and it would be much easier for me
  6. NOOOOOOOOO THERE ARE RULES OUT THERE! Well,i will try not to break any rule,but i cant guaranty anything,i have chicken brain and been banned from kotf forum very early
  7. It is not fair?????They are already weak,i can beat them even with pure blocking LOOL. I saw that moves in clone wars stances mod v5 O_O
  8. Oh dear thank you!but i would like some bitches so i can stop with masturbating:/
  9. Dont forget to fix bugs with power duel game type,bugs with all teams game types,and all other bugs with bots.Bugs with menu,bugs if you change saber or if you change color of saber......... Test all parts of mod before releasing.Mod is already great and will keep JA alive forever,but these bugs are really ruinning mod and pushing away new players.I dont need new features, just these bugs to be fixed.
  10. WTF HOW??I can only set g_saberanimspeed 1 0r 0??????????????
  11. I would like to see new gametype:)
  12. I played v2.Why you made this ugly weapons:(,i was dissapionted.Only some effects are better(just a few) and stances are better,but backhand style sucks
  13. NO,dont remove that.Aotctc bots looks more cool with that moves and they are a bit stronger.I just wanted to know how they do that xD(i shouldnt report this )
  14. You must be wright,i enabled cheats...Can you tell me how can i do that cool moves:) Fight with them looks pretty cool because special moves,you could make them to attack npcs:)
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