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  1. Hey!

    Please answer me!

  2. "I have a programming degree..."


    that's what i you wrote in the forum...

    So i gotta little question for you and I'll be happy if you're able to help me.

    We're trying to make an MI1 Movie ...playing the "perfect game" recording it, cutting it, an put voices on it... now the one problem we have is that we don't know how to get the text out of the game...is that even possible?

    Maybe you could help us with that issue, and soon you'll be part of the first MI1 movie ;-)

    Peace and thanks...



  3. Hi, I'm trying to make a "Monkey Island Movie" ... I want to record the "perfect game" and cut a movie from it. I have serveral people that would speak the original dialouges...now I'm trying to remove the text-dialogues from the game so they can't be seen anymore! Any Ideas how? Peace P
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