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  1. I liked the idea of the other thread made like this and I an about to replay KOTOR I rather then II. So What are some good modded HUMAN faces and heads for it? The default ones are getting old.
  2. Yeah, thanks, I removed all the utc files from my override and it worked.
  3. Its due to my mods i think and when i try to go to the star forge from the ebon hawk it doesnt load and if i reload it the screen is black and you cant do anything. The module is of the ebon hawk but with a different name. Anyone know how to fix this?
  4. I did. I removed it. IT WORKED!! Thank you soooooo so much. This has messed with my game before and i never knew why.
  5. When I battle Malak on Leviathan (the second time, after he runs away), he gets low on health and it goes back to the scene where Carth says he wants to make Malak pay and you have to choose a character to perform the escape. Then it goes back to me in the room with Malak (who is now a non-fighting NPC that won't talk) and all doors are locked. Is this a glitch or am I missing something? Any way to fix it? I have several mods installed and ive heard of this happening before. One of these mods or mod conflictions is for sure messing it up but idk which one... The BOS:SR Mod, the Revan Cape fix, and The Bastila Romance enhancement mod.
  6. It'd be cool if someone could put some republic items in a NEW footlocker on the Endar Spire. This would mean having to put a new footlocker in the room you wake up in. The reason I would prefur it to be done this way rather than in the footlocker that is already there is because a lot of mods change the stuff in that footlocker and i don't want them overridden. So... it could be some new items like Repulic Armor, a republic helmet, a republic vibrosword, a republic blaster, and just whatever else you want in it. Jedi items if u wanted. idc. maybe some stuff uve made.
  7. Hey, can u send me a link for your bastila's got back mod because the other link doesn't work for me.

  8. On Nar Shadda you have to find a gizka for a little girl and her mom(gizka was their pet). But you find like six of them and you have to figure out which one is the pet from info they give you.(like it always licks you and jumps up and down or whatever) When you take the the gizka back they give the robe and lightsaber of the dad who was a jedi knight and died, because they don't need it anymore and it just brings back bad memory's. If anyone is interested tell me and I'll give you some more details if I can think of anything. I think it would work best if the mom and girl are in the refuge sector(I think thats what it is) and you find the gizka in the huge boxes that you can run trough
  9. This mod would have a republic soldier uniform, a sith soldier uniform and all the other sith and republic things in the game and modded weapons like a republic vibrosword, republic vibroblade, republic blaster, republic blaster rifle, sith vibrosword, sith vibroblade, sith blaster, sith blaster rifle and anything anyone else can think of. This would all be found in the armory of the republic ship in the beginning(cant remember the name) in two new of those storage containers: one labeled republic gear and the other one labeled confiscated gear. Oh, and if you can... I would like for no in game items to be replaced.
  10. I haven't talked to you in a long time....

    The you being hurt really bad still isn't a joke is it?

    I really hope it was.

  11. Here's some old memories


    that's DR I swear

    ever talk to him recently

    I miss the old days

  12. Wow.We have a total different system of schooling then whats in west.

  13. I'm only 13 but most people here don't go to college until they are 18

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