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  1. thanks for your thoughts and opinions, DZ. i enjoyed reading through them
  2. takes place 300 years after original KOTOR.
  3. check gamespot. front page. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/starwarstheoldrepublic/news.html?sid=6199706&tag=topslot;thumb;1 does this make me the first one on this site to link to official news? LOL "working in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic universe is a dream come true for us" does that settle it?
  4. but it IS being developed by Bioware. something tells me it's somehow related to KOTOR unless Bioware has decided to completely change up how they do the Star Wars universe and start from scratch...seems unlikely. i guess you are right though in that they could choose a completely different era for the game to take place in, leaving room to finish up the KOTOR story later.
  5. its such bs for them to use "the wait is over" for an MMO when they know what we've actually been waiting for. at any rate, im still excited. can't help it.
  6. so very excited over here ive been waiting for this announcement for years...LOL
  7. id rather have Obsidian work on kotor III...i thought they had a lot of wonderful ideas that they just didn't have the proper time to implement as well as they could have. replay value wise for me ill take TSL any day.
  8. LOL it does seem like a funny question to pose to people on this forum
  9. give them lots of time, i certainly wouldn't complain
  10. something i noticed on gamespot... last night they had the game titled "The Old Republic"...today it is titled "Star Wars MMORPG"... http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/starwarstheoldrepublic/index.html
  11. blind hope does seem to have a bad connotation to it, but yea it's the same thing as saying faith. i will say this. if anyone has the ability to change or truly expand on what an MMO is, it's Bioware. after all, they did create my favorite modern game.
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