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  1. So basically all it comes down to is that the larger ships can carry more and are more heay duty, whereas the smaller ships are lighter and more manoverable?
  2. favourite map? thats hard. I really like Mustafar and Hoth, especiallu Hoth, as there is a mix of the open stuff and CQC style combat. I know what i dont like tho, dagobah, Felucia and Naboo, probably cos i end up playing them loads on galactic conquest
  3. Ok so ive started adventuring into piloting heavily for the first time, and ive got my imperial pilot up to the higher levels. Until now ive just had to pick the ship that was given to me, TIE fighter, TIE/in, ect. But now ive got a bit of a problem. I have to choose between the TIE bomber and the TIE interceptor. Does anyone know what the major differences between the two? Now choosing between two is hard enough, but looking ahead ive got to choose from 5 ships next time! What are the differences between ships? Or are these purely cosmetic?
  4. 3dbones has a bloody good point- The only thing makes new galaxies not as good as old galaxies is the lack of players. I can walk round Mos Eisley on Wanderhome and not see a single player. On one of my characters, i turned up to try and get the hero of the empire and there was no one else there, much in contrast to my character on Europe-Chimera who has to contest with about 40 other players every hour! Merge Servers, scrap the unpopular ones, bring the game back to its old hights!
  5. Ok so the missions get me so far, but i dont really wanna grind for the rest of the day, anything else that can be done for xp?
  6. Not everyone who became force sensitive had to become a jedi, nor did everyone choose it. I had three characters i got to 'glowly' status between 2004 and the CU, and although i had the option to start them on the long journey to becoming a jedi after meeting the old man, i decided against it, due to perma death, bounty hunters, loss of skills ect. Plus i was always against the idea of Jedi in galaxies. Limited force use for some random characters yes, like how the real star wars universe would of been at this time. But now, with jedi all over the place (nothing against them!), its lost a bit of the star warsy feel
  7. The reason why jump doesnt help is because although there are z axis co-ordinates, there is no way for the character to impliment the Z axis. IF you could not only does that open up the ability to jump onto things, you could also swim up or down. However i think its impossible to implement it into the game now. Jump has always been in game, even pre cu. I remember binding it to space, before i realised that it did nothing and there was more than a bit of chatting in game my greates pet pieve about galaxies, I cant jump over a two foot high box, but i can run up the sides of giant cliffs!
  8. Ok have player numbers significantly decreased since i started (im new to the forums but have almost 4 years of game play (not exactly a birther but ive seen more than my fair share)), yes they have. Have player numbers rose significantly since if left about 3 months after the NGE, yes they have. I think Galaxies is on a return, even thought my server, Wanderhome, shows a lack of players, they are there! What i want to know is, will galaxies ever be as much fun or emmersive to play. I found myself this morning saying now what? after a series of missions. I NEVER said this before the CU, something or someone was always happening! Huge hunting groups, parties, the cantinas were lively! Now you walk round a town and its a bit like a sunday morning. However there is significant player increase over the past few months. I think SOE need a re-release, to bring in a new load of players. Maybe try to bring in some new ones. OR, close down some of the lighter servers that arnt used as much, and move everything to another server (Avatars, along with gear, houses, stats ect)
  9. To access the JTL expansion areas, (space) learn pilot skills from a pilot trainer, follow thier instructions, go to a starport, access a ship terminal, click launch! To access the ROTW or TOOW expanision areas (Kashyyyk and Mustafar) simply fly to the planet using your ship from JTL! Keep in mind you need to buy ROTW and TOOW
  10. Aeviv


    I think this is only post-NGE stuff- i have a huge backlog of stuff i did pre-cu (used to photograph weddings and stuff). I think its on a flashdisk sumwhere. Ill try and find it
  11. I played galaxies preety much since launch but money got tight before the NGE and pull out. I returned to game a couple of weeks back and found that a quick way to level up your characters was to follow the legacy quests. Now the legacy has run dry and my charachter is level 52. Obviously i want to keep playing but i dont want to grind 38 levels! So my question is simple: Where is a good place to find quests for my level and above? (hopefully more specific than just 'Dantooine' or 'Kashyyyk'
  12. Id be amazed if some form of in game event wasnt organised. I wonder what the 5 year vets will get? Its amazing to look at how the game is changed over 5 years. I wonder if itll still be going in another 5
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