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    Not much, I have almost no life... I know its sad...
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    The Death of All Things.
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    Guns, zombies, the death of Humanity, or something like that...
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    Day- Elite Jedi Assassin, Night- Lover
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    Too many to count
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    Knights of the old republic 2
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  1. Would I still be able to join? Just wanna know. 'Cuz this looks pretty awesome.
  2. oh well, maybe next time.

  3. Sorry JM, I don't think I'll be able to join your Zombie Rp. RL issues are getting in the way

  4. Hey, just logged back on, internet went out (story of my life) and ataris posted in my new zombie rp. I was thinking having the LEGENDARY Atrianna back would be cool, not too mention, it'd be nice to have you in it.

  5. Well, apparently my zombie RP is back up. Love to see you give a a shot, especially to the head...

  6. Nice to see someone posted. This is still up, so come on, give it a whirl.
  7. Well, I left for ages too, I thought no one was interested so I just gave up. BUt, if anyone can get in, I'll give it a whirl, it's still up as far as i'm concerned.

  8. hey. i'm back. i took a break from the forums for a while, and since the RP's I was involved in were dead, i forgot about it. but i did post in the new zombie thread. hopefully this time the rp will go smoothly and people will post on time, including me, lol. as long as we can get people to join it again.

  9. ok, nice to know

  10. FRAK! Missed this, I'll get a new character up soon then! Sry.

  11. Alright, it's up and running, chev's got a character ready, he just needs someone to post first, so if your in, that would be nice.

  12. Alright, cool. Nice to know you're in.

  13. Sorry JM. :D But Atrianna was born a merc. I did like the second suggestion though. I'll post my new and improved Atrianna when someone else posts.

  14. ok, good, but one thing I thought, and you don't have to use this, is that Atrianna isn't a merc. Maybe, she should be a geeky-gun nut girl fresh out of high school. Or, a former monk from some mountain range, and you've been sent on a holy mission to clense the earth. Because, while the second one is cool, the first one adds a chalenge.

  15. Hey JM. I'm still thinking up a few ways on how to improve Atrianna. I should have a character up sometime this week. :)

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