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  1. Now that FileFront is no more, have you considered uploading your mods to Deadly Stream?

  2. You are to be commended for making it this far.

  3. What's sad is that this will probably be the only redeeming facet of TFU2.
  4. It would be comic if it weren't so tragic.

  5. It's pretty humorous that every news agency realized this this week, and then bellows "Islamophobia is everywhere guys, we gotta stop it!" Like it's been shrouded by an insidious array of smoke and mirrors, or something.

  6. "I remember that time the President and Secretary of Defense had to intervene to prevent a fringe pastor in Florida from dragging the United States into a global religious war. Those were strange days."



  7. The f****** intro. I want it back. Seriously, what was the design mandate to omit it? It's like removing the title crawl in Star Wars; a Monkey Island game doesn't feel like a Monkey Island game without the theme tune.
  8. Me, you, Sabre, DI, Ztalker, DP (sorta), and probably a few others that are hiding. I'm on my second playthrough, and I have to admit that I've never had this much fun in an RPG since Bloodlines. Though, I'm beginning to question if I'm playing the same game as others. :)


    I think that the main reason for the mediocre reviews is the fact that everyone said "it's like Mass Effect", ergo, everyone expected it to be Mass Effect. I, for one, was actually relieved that it wasn't really like Mass Effect.

  9. Is it just me or are we the only two that seem to like AP?

  10. I think Saudi Arabia was the kicker; bringing an Islamic element into a debate, and being right, automatically kills the argument like a frying pan to an Australopithecus. :roll1:

  11. Congratulations good sir, you have won the most intelligent post in a thread award.:thmbup1:


    Your fortune telling abilities were astounding. :)


    Seriously good post.

  12. I'm quite appreciative of what they're doing this time around, particularly with the new control scheme, as well as the commentary and concept art. However, they better get iMUSE right; that's what made MI2, and trying to pull it off with pre-rendered music is... disconcerting to grasp. The animations must be better than last time; moonwalking was not in the Caribbean. Case and point: They better not screw this up:
  13. No wonder my book hurts; there's a damn novel written on it.

  14. I see that you've updated your journal again.

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