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  1. It's pretty humorous that every news agency realized this this week, and then bellows "Islamophobia is everywhere guys, we gotta stop it!" Like it's been shrouded by an insidious array of smoke and mirrors, or something.

  2. Me, you, Sabre, DI, Ztalker, DP (sorta), and probably a few others that are hiding. I'm on my second playthrough, and I have to admit that I've never had this much fun in an RPG since Bloodlines. Though, I'm beginning to question if I'm playing the same game as others. :)


    I think that the main reason for the mediocre reviews is the fact that everyone said "it's like Mass Effect", ergo, everyone expected it to be Mass Effect. I, for one, was actually relieved that it wasn't really like Mass Effect.

  3. I think Saudi Arabia was the kicker; bringing an Islamic element into a debate, and being right, automatically kills the argument like a frying pan to an Australopithecus. :roll1:

  4. I see that you've updated your journal again.

  5. No, I haven't. It too was relatively vacant from a comprehensive release, so I'll probably see it on DVD in the near-future. No Country For Old Men's adaption was very, very good, however. :)

  6. Well, you all been huntin' black folks for so long, we just wanted to see what it felt like huntin' white folks.

  7. Then my work here is done.



  8. The Manson Family and The Beatles' White Album, particularly Manson's ironically morbid fascination with the song Piggies. Quite funny, in a morbid sense. :p

  9. I suppose I did overlook that post... :p


    Yeah, I'd definitely be open to give any suggestions on level design, item placement, events, etc.

  10. Hm, seems as if I've stirred up quite the hornet's nest. >_>


    Fervently pulsing debate is better than no debate whatsoever, however. :p

  11. The first game has been reduced to abandonware, so it is available here. You'll most likely need DOSBox to run it, though. The first thing that you'll notice about SS1 is a certain "Citadel Station". :p


    SS2, on the other hand, is ridiculously hard to find, and is selling for astronomical prices on eBay and Amazon. As much as I hate to resort to it when it comes to products of such calibre as with SS2, I'm afraid that you'll have to "get" SS2. ;)

  12. Yeah, I feel the same; light and shadow placement is essential in horror games.


    System Shock 2 is probably one of the few games which nailed scifi-horror, especially with a brilliant ambient sound system. Avellone must have a been a fan; whole plot and narrative elements in the SS series were copied nearly verbatim in Peragus.

  13. It's hilarious to see how one single government-funded program brings back a century-old paranoia. It's almost a primal, ape-like instinct to throw... stuff at everyone.

  14. Just this month. :p


    I'm satisfied with this one, as of now, though. :)

  15. My thoughts on the matter:



  16. That's called cheating. :carms:

  17. Your foot resides in my gullet, oh Smoking Mirror.



  18. Oh, I understand that. I just feel that it's in incredibly bad taste for a staff member to not address a point by threatening a regular member. The staff could at least start a new thread or give an off-topic warning while not sounding incredibly condescending, which wouldn't do much harm in the first place.

  19. What a nice little argument you have going there. Now I know that all I have to do is disagree with someone in power, and I'll get threatened and eventually banned. Piece of cake. :p

  20. I thought it was great. It really seemed to capture GO-TO's general character in TSL.

  21. jrrtoken

    Good. It was getting far too stale. :p

  22. Thanks, I'm glad someone got it. I'm still petitioning Kool-Aid to premix the cyanide, but they're not listening to me. :(

  23. Oh, I knew that. I was more or less trying to point at the fact that Kavar's has turned into a barren wasteland now that everyone that was Kavar's has either left or been exiled to the Senate. What's left is nothing really substantial or relevant, which clearly shows that the thread has done its job.


    To be brief; the rules of Kavar's were never enforced, and when they were enforced, they were often applied haphazardly, which has now made it deceased. The very laws intended to preserve it have now killed it.

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