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  1. I have to agree with Shem, the ending alone in this mod is worth download. The skins aren't too shabby either.
  2. I agree with Rabishi, Da_man, and LoTF... I can't convince myself replaying the SAME exact storyline with nothing being added like multiplayer or additional levels will be any more fun because I got a few different skins who essentially add nothing more than a new look to the game.
  3. Well guys, I'm officially done with this game if this can't be fixed rather easily. I downloaded an update earlier this morning, open up my game and both my characters are there (in name only), unfortunately they have been reset meaning they just showed up as humans with just white boxers and a white tank top. They also had no server, planet, etc. showing up. I even tried to create a new character just to see what it would do, no server options showed up to choose from. I'm not sure what to do, I tried doing the SWG setup again and that didn't work. Has anyone experienced something like this before or happen to know of way to fix it while still keeping my characters?
  4. Thanks to everyone who has offered advice, great to know Lucas Forums has such an awesome and helpful community! DarthMaulUK, that link you provided helped tremendously! I managed to pass everything but the recommended RAM which is 1024 MB, and I currently have 767 MB (which minimum is said to be 512 MB). Could this be the reason my game is experiencing more lag than normal? adamqd, am I able to switch my current character to any of the mentioned servers or would I have to start a new character from scratch in order to do it?
  5. Well, I've done everything so far that's been suggested, even created a new character in the Eclipse server which is very light. At times it will play fine, and then others it will lag horribly. Anyone know how you check your computers stats in order to compare to the SWG requirements?
  6. Do you have a particular recommendation of what the sliders should be reduced to that has proved to work well for you?
  7. Well, it finally finished downloading earlier today. I've played quite a bit thus far and I'm enjoying the game play but the lagging is horrible for me at times. Anyone know of anything I could do to potentially lessen my chances of lagging?
  8. I also can't tell if the download is restarting at times or other times regressing... I just checked back and it seemed that the bar showing how much of the download had been completed, had gone back a bit. Now I'm not sure if it moved on to another update or what. But this is becoming quite frustrating. I have no problem with being patient, I just want to make sure it's properly downloading, being that it slows my computer down a bit.
  9. I'm currently attempting to do the 14-day Free Trial of SWG, so far everything else downloaded rather quickly, yet the update download has taken a little over a day thus far and barely half done. I have DSL, so I was wondering if any other high speed internet users who have downloaded the 14-Day Free Trial have had similar issues of really long update download times? Keep in mind I do not have the SWG game disc (not sure if that would have anything to do with the long update loading).
  10. I totally agree there... I wish we could get EVERY mission that the Wii and PS2 got that the 360 and PS3 didn't. But having to pay? That's very lame.
  11. I didn't quite have the urge to beat the game on a higher difficulty level, so I've managed to get 45/47 achievements. So from my experience, the most time consuming achievement, probably because it was the most boring and less pleasurable, was Lightning Shield Mastery.
  12. I couldn't agree more, as long as it is single player based that is
  13. Yeah I figured it out right after I posted the question ... Anyway, the main reason I was a bit skeptical was because of all the bugs people have been discussing and I did NOT want to lose anything I had gained with my first play through.
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