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  1. Out of all of them I would choose DS9 as my favourite - I loved the way the Dominion War became the principal story point early on. Gave the whole thing much more unity than others.
  2. SW01

    That's it exactly. With slightly less slurring. :lol:


    Ish buteeful, but I dunno the Italian shwords :xp:

  3. Astor

    It certainly is, although i'm being cautiously optimistic until we know about the full details.


    I have to admit though, that during his goodbye speech, I almost liked Gordon Brown. :eek:

  4. SW01

    A Conservative PM at last - marvellous, wasn't it? :D

  5. Astor

    Ordinarily it'd be a difficult choice, being a cavalryman at heart, but I prefer hard copies of my games (and I think my internet connection might implode if I tried to download from Steam), so I think it'll be HMS Elephant. :D

  6. SW01

    Well Astor, Royal Scots Greys or HMS Elephant? :lol:


    (Or something else? :eek:)

  7. Astor

    Hello! I know it's pretty likely you'll have had the same e-mail, but feel free to add your thoughts. :)

  8. No problem. So good of you to accept. o_Q

  9. Astor

    Definitely. I'll leave the witching to those who are better suited to it. :lol:

  10. SW01

    So, staying out of the Hallowe'en madness tonight then Astor? :lol:

  11. Hi Totenkopf - thanks for the add! :D

  12. Well, 15K did seem a bit on the conservative side. Talk about "socking" something away for a rainy day...:p

  13. SW01

    :drop2: That's an incredible amount of money...though I must admit if I had it spare I'd be seriously tempted to spend it on such an item too!
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