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    Classical Roman History; UK Constitutional Law; Writing; RP-ing
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    Law Graduate; Civil Servant
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    Real Life
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    EaW, KotOR & JKA
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  1. SW01

    That's it exactly. With slightly less slurring. :lol:


    Ish buteeful, but I dunno the Italian shwords :xp:

  2. Astor

    It certainly is, although i'm being cautiously optimistic until we know about the full details.


    I have to admit though, that during his goodbye speech, I almost liked Gordon Brown. :eek:

  3. SW01

    A Conservative PM at last - marvellous, wasn't it? :D

  4. Astor

    Ordinarily it'd be a difficult choice, being a cavalryman at heart, but I prefer hard copies of my games (and I think my internet connection might implode if I tried to download from Steam), so I think it'll be HMS Elephant. :D

  5. SW01

    Well Astor, Royal Scots Greys or HMS Elephant? :lol:


    (Or something else? :eek:)

  6. Astor

    Hello! I know it's pretty likely you'll have had the same e-mail, but feel free to add your thoughts. :)

  7. No problem. So good of you to accept. o_Q

  8. Astor

    Definitely. I'll leave the witching to those who are better suited to it. :lol:

  9. SW01

    So, staying out of the Hallowe'en madness tonight then Astor? :lol:

  10. Hi Totenkopf - thanks for the add! :D

  11. Well, 15K did seem a bit on the conservative side. Talk about "socking" something away for a rainy day...:p

  12. SW01

    :drop2: That's an incredible amount of money...though I must admit if I had it spare I'd be seriously tempted to spend it on such an item too!
  13. SW01

    :eek: That would be marvellous to have! I wonder how my bank would respond to a loan request...:lol:


    Hope that gets picked up by one of the Museums. Thanks for pointing it out!

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