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  1. Here comes a foreigner... Slavery was a worldwide problem, which lasted for millenia. It falls upon us all to recognise the harm caused by it. My country has taken a lot of flak over the years for it as well. Perhaps it would be appropriate to remember those who strove to abolish such an abominable practice? An apology is a welcome gesture, if sincere, but little more. That said, your government, and many of your people, should be apologising for segregation more than anything else. It took good people's lives to change that, and I'm sure there are plenty who still remember it and many who are still affected by it - consider the disgraceful conduct of the Federal Government after the hurricane that hit New Orleans. In a 'land of the free', it is treating your citizens as second class based on skin tone in the 21st century that needs to be apologised for.
  2. Yes, Brown is finished - lets face it, he's getting the end of Labour's streak, why else would Blair have 'stepped down'? Brown was always going to be the leader who lost Labour's government stranglehold. However, I don't think there would be any point to an election! Everyone is beginning to see that the Tories will win (and perhaps with quite a large majority), but Cameron's Tories are simply New Labour revitalised! As a Tory supporter, I was disgusted to see some of Cameron's antics, especially the fiasco over Grammar schools. At least in NI I won't have to worry too much about areas such as education, but I feel sorry for anyone in England having to figure out who is going to be the next PM. I would say, vote for Cameron. He won't be so likely to make policy u-turns once in government - he doesn't have any policies yet.
  3. Yes, I agree. The hand-to-hand combat animations leave a good deal to be desired - especially that flurry animation where the character spins in the air!
  4. On the contrary, I enjoy (as a darksider) facing down hordes of attacking, blaster-wielding enemies with nothing more than a full force gauge and force lightning!
  5. Agreed. To paraphrase Sinatra, I do it my way!
  6. No doubt, lightside and darkside, male and female all have their own charms in each game, but does anyone else notice that the dialogue doesn't always match what you choose (in terms of gender)? Just recently, I was going through the scene with Mandalore discussing Revan in TSL, and in one dialogue sequence, he referred to Revan as 'she' after Revan had been set to male! Also, in K1, if you talk to Canderous about the Mandalorian Wars before the plot twist, even if you play as female, Revan is still referred to as 'he'. Annoying...but maybe Canderous is just...confused! Even the developers don't want to stick to canon!
  7. 'Apathy is death!' - Kreia But, I agree with you. I hate it when cameos are forced into games as a cheap way to please fans, but I think TSL makes it clear that the Mandalorians are going to be quite important...
  8. I like to play through once on what is considered canon, once as lightside male Revan, once as lightside female Exile, but normally I play darkside male in both games!
  9. I don't doubt that the Mandalorians will be an important part of KotOR 3. If, as most believe, the third installment will follow Revan and the Exile against the True Sith, it seems likely that Canderous' Mandalorians will be Revan's/Exile's 'backup' force (consider that Mandalore pledged that Revan would 'have his army'). I also think they will be allies of the Republic this time, because of the links with the Jedi Order.
  10. Try this link: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/New_Soldier_Clothing;65368 Archer's 'New Soldier Clothing' - switches default soldier clothing to Republic Armour (no helmet). Doesn't use appearance.2da so no worries about overwriting other mods.
  11. Hi there, This may seem odd but can anyone create something for TSL that activates the meditate animation for the PCs? Some kind of friendly-force power or something similar? Not looking for bonuses or special results, just to activate the animation (specifically, the one the exile is using when approached by Visas/Mical before confrontation w/Atris and Nihilus, i.e. not the cross-legged one) Thanks!
  12. Yes, I thought of this as well, but I was hoping for a re-skin of the Republic Officer Uniform to make the uniforms from movies 2-6!
  13. I've just started a mod to restore the PC heads that are left over in TSL assets from K1. Any heads in particular that you are looking for? Note, of course, that they are slightly different, and that the DS transitions are not present.
  14. Yes, I have this mod installed. The armour is truly great, but I was hoping for a hilt more in keeping with the USM level of detail.
  15. Can anyone make the sabre hilt of the Imperial Knights for TSL? It is supposed to be a silver bladed sabre, with a hilt like the one in a picture at this link: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Imperial_Knight_lightsaber Thanks!
  16. For the Bastila Sith eyes transition, you should send a PM to JediShemL. I'm searching for this too, as I have Shem's K1 and TSL movie style transitions mods, but not for Bastila.
  17. There have been a few mods like this made. Filefront has them, but they are older so might not use TSL patcher to install. I can try making one that doesn't use the appearance.2da, if you prefer.
  18. I think Zerimar Nyliram is looking for a skin in a style similar to Dodonna's black frock-coat type uniform from the end of K1 to replace the clothing of both Admirals, Onasi and Cede in TSL. A change to put Carth in an officer's uniform or a soldier's armour would be very simple, a Dodonna type uniform would require more skill than I have to make!
  19. Darth Atris - I would be very grateful for the sith head (one of the main things I was after). Good luck! DK - Pity about the Dooku head, is there no way to find it, even for K1? Curse PCGM!! Also, thanks jonathan7 for your help!
  20. I would like to request a few skins for TSL. I find these particular types interesting, and would like to see them for the PC in TSL (if possible) Dooku (see http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Dooku) Thrawn (see http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mitth%27raw%27nuruodo) Sith Species (see http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sith_%28species%29) Thanks!
  21. Hi there! I am looking for a mod for KotOR 2 TSL of Count Dooku, as a selectable head. Does anyone know of one? If not, can anyone create one? Also, has a Dooku robe mod been made? Again - if not - is there anyone who can make one? Thanks!
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