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  1. I'm a big fan of Carth, and it's the romance that annoys me. I find him very useful though. I favor one ranged attacker and two Melee characters. Carth is the best at ranged IMHO. Never liked Bastila. I use her on Taris though, because I like the force powers ASAP. R2D2 wannabe: thanks for opening that door for me. Goodbye! Mission: great character, but I'm not patient enough to use her to her full potential. Zaalbar: lots of power, doesn't annoy me too much. Gotta love him. Canderous: I like him a lot too. Better in Melee than as a ranged guy. Jolee: great character. Lots of fun, and I can stick lots of dark side powers on him since I usually play lightside. Juhani: guardians are meant to be power-built. She is not. I also find the voice acting annoying.
  2. With a high STR (I start with 15, plus 5 from level-ups, 3 from LS Mastery, 7 from equipment), I find I stun quite a few enemies. So if I don't kill them in one round, they're definitely dead in two. Maximizing critical strike only increases this. Here's where I spent my feats: Crit strike x3 Implants x3 Toughness x2 Two weapon fighting x3 Nasty build. I've been told a level 5/15 soldier/guardian will out-damage this build, so I'm going to try that next. My biggest hangup is getting past the ridiculous power attack animation.
  3. My bad, you are totally right. I'm on an older PC, and I have all the graphics at a minimum to play the game and never realized it's a full suit on her. I just did a google/images search on Bastila for better pics.
  4. If you take her clothes off, her underwear covers more of her ass than the outfit.
  5. It doesn't strike me as something that would stay on her very long if she were actually in a fight.
  6. I've always thought Bastila's clothes were a slave outfit, kinda like Leia in RotJ. I just assumed the game engine couldn't get a different costume when you get off the planet. I'm sure the game designers thought most would take Bastila after Taris, and would give her Jedi robes on Dantooine.
  7. Scoundrel/Guardian (7/13) is the best combo IMHO. I agree with HOP's planet order. It's the best way. You get Jolee ASAP, who's an awesome team member, and I think it's the easiest planet. You also get that +5 WIS headgear, which is awesome for lightsiders. The Sand Peeps will pose no problem for a Guardian with a defense 4 points higher than you're used to!
  8. I'm making a point of playing through the game again just so I can try it with everybody. I just want to see what they all do.
  9. I'm wondering when sneak attacks kick in. I know if you are in stealth mode and attack somebody from behind you get the bonus. I also know that a stunned enemy gets the damage. I was told that sneak attacks apply with a Guardian's Force Jump. Is this true? (cuz it would be awesome) What about with ranged weapons? What about stealthed attacks from the front? What about non-stealthed attacks from behind?
  10. Ever try this one? It's uncommon, and really fun! The Scoundrel gives you a good Defense and the Sentinel gives you good immunities. You become a very hard to kill Jedi!!
  11. That's weird, because I haven't seen one reply to the initial post in this thread suggesting to walk away from the fight after challenging Bendak Starkiller. Which is what the initial poster was asking.
  12. I took the initial post in this thread to mean that he didn't want to challenge Bendak and get the DS points. I didn't see anything about XP.
  13. You could just challenge him and never actually fight him. You get the DS points when you actually enter the ring against Bendak.
  14. I'm thinking of using a Scout for 5 levels before becoming a Consular. Is there a better starting class (or level) in your opinion? If so, what and why? Also, any help with which feats to take would help a lot. I'm used to Guardians and want to try something a bit different for me.
  15. Talk to the Rodian behind the counter after Griff leaves to get the quest off your datapad.
  16. I told him I wouldn't give him any money, but I did get the Tach Glands for him. He said he'd get me some cash in the future. I'll go talk to the dude behind the desk to end this quest.
  17. Yes and yes. When I talk to her now, she keeps telling me she hopes he comes through on his deal.
  18. I take him off the ship, I've just never met the quest-giver ever (this game). What planets will he spawn on?
  19. Male: longhaired dude. Female: darkskinned lady with the light eyes. No braids. She's the cutest.
  20. After I give him some Tach Glands, does this slacker ever show up again? The quest is left open and I revisit Tatooine from time to time, but never find him.
  21. I can't get anymore dialogues out of him, but his quest won't trigger when I walk around the Ebon Hawk. I've already been on the Leviathan, so I need an area where the quest is likely to trigger. Thanks!
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