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  1. Well yeah i read dragonball and inuyasha, and watched FMA when it was on tv but i dont really consider myself an anime fan... I read alot of different books and watch different shows on tv.
  2. Martial arts... Thats what im best at. But from those choices id say soccer.
  3. Well yeah? You know, not all buy games all the time. Its just too much to pay 15 E/month if i mostly play NWN and kotors... Way too much.
  4. Dunno yet, but if (and which is very likely) it has monthly payments, then HELL NO! I think im going to be sick... *pukes* Somebody is in grave danger of losing his/her head right now...
  5. Why not finnish? Its less lame and sounds basically alot like japanese backwards:xp:
  6. No one mentions the dark side ending? LoL! Starkiller KILLS Vader and becomes some sort of a new lady smurf for the Emperor?!?!?!?!?????
  7. No.. actually im not joking, i was just awakened by a similar poll on the filefront....
  8. I see no idea in these revan vs someone else polls... Since no one actually knows how powerful revan is, it ends up just simply being a "I like anakin/revan more" poll... Only one of those is sure: Revan would wipe Anakin out on a full scale battle.
  9. If you will make it so that KOTOR2 is not overwritten, please DONT use the "do you want to skip the prelude" dialog, since i want to use that for my story mod that ive been planning for about half a year:D
  10. Revan x Bastila.... Shes so adorable:p LoL i have my thing for slutty princesses, dont know why but i do:¬:
  11. The one im talking about is in the room with bridges. There are these three bridges, fire under them and a holocron on the bridge to left. This has caused me and my brother serious brain damage, as we have tried to get it. How is it possible to get?
  12. What i would really have loved, is using them all at the same time:p Two in the hands, and the rest floating around you Kreia style:D
  13. Just to get more money really... Crazy fans will buy the other versions as well when they hear about the different variances. ITS BUSINESS! And by the way, i actually thought of buying the ps2 version, since i heard that it has some level that the other platforms dont:p
  14. Yeh the apprentice is a total lightsaber collector... Why cant i dual wield then? LoL he has three sabers hanging from his side(ATM) but i can only use one... Triple wield would be cool:p How many sabers are there in the game?
  15. I threw the red imperial guard at it, he died and then i looked at it. Really cracked me up!
  16. I sort of feel like robbed now that the first "WOWWWEEEEE" feeling has gone... 5 hours 30 mins of single play that is basically about killing people and watching videos is not very much, and there is no online game, no co op, or anything to do besides the single player. I feel even more robbed than with Jade Empire, becouse it was 10 hours of pure gold, and has replay-value. This is just 5 hours of enjoyable silver. And where did the multiple endings go? as far as ive understood, there are only two?
  17. A great game surely, but just too short. And I die alot in some places and have to do a hell of a lot of killing/destroying something again.... and again. The graphics are nice... Though there are other games with better. The force powers kick ass, and somehow it feels like playing and improved JKA with KOTOR maps. So ill just say, better than i expected after the demo, worse than i had hoped originally. But the game is still the best that there has lately come out and i have been able to buy. And now, back to the Raxus Prime!
  18. Yeah that was quite stupidly said by me... I should have quoted the post that i was referring to... just didnt notice there being two pages:lol:
  19. What seems curious to me, is that no one seems to remember battlefront 2, which was released withing 5 years, is a console game and pretty good... I actually still play it with my friends (dont have it myself, but a couple of them do). Dunno but i just found that odd... But i trust in the wiseness of Pelit, thats actually the most neutrally crtical game magazine i have ever read... A shame that i had to stop ordering it, was too expensive. If its 85, its worth playing. Never let me down.
  20. I dont really care becouse its a game, but i tell you, if someone actually wielded a weapon that way and just stand casually he would get grinded to bits by the first guy he meets with any combat skill... That kind of a stance is a suicide! And even though i always dual wield when its possible, the lack of that doesnt bother me at all, becouse here i play Starkiller, not the most powerful being in the universe, ME...
  21. Yeah i totally agree... I was very disappointed when i played the demo, but im still gonna buy the game just for the fact that its new star wars... And for the hope that the actual game will be better. The goddamn force powers seemed very useless to me too, exept for grip... it was so damn over powered! But the aim at it sucked, every time i locked onto an enemy and tried to lift him up, the stupid sith wannabe lifted some nearby crate! That realy sucked... And i wanted to be able to put the stormies into hundreds of pieces with the saber, and they dont even lose limbs! I feel almost as cheated as when i heard that kotor 3 will be an mmo (which i definetely still hope is not true... at least not from bioware, after all that i have gone through with their games...nyyh i cant believe it!). But for the reflex test being difficult... WTF? I was like "yeah, a reflex test... 5 seconds(or so it seemed) to press each of the buttons?" Lets just hope that fable 2 has the great old "COME ON" style...
  22. Nothing but downloaded the USM... weird. I think ill try to reinstall it again, so that i do not keep any custom content exept for the saves and override... Ill post here if it works. EDIT: I believe the problem is with the chitin key... Its not getting fixed even by reinstalling the game, so could someone send me a working chitin so that i could start a new game?
  23. So thats the whole situation really... I tried to make a custom head for K2 this morning, and when i tried to try if it worked, kotor2 just crashed before i even got in game... Tried starting the game several times, and when it didnt work, i downloaded a no cd crack. Still no results. Then I tried to delete kotor2 and reinstall it... AND THE SAME DAMN ERROR CAME UP!!! Can you believe that? And the stupid thing is, that it used to work fine with vista earlier, actually i played through the game once with vista. Then, after maybe 3 months i try to start a new game with the head i made, it crashes... and crashes... and crashes. Any suggestions on what to do? Removed unnecessary curse word to something more palatable, please note we are a PG-13 forum. Also discussing cracks is not allowed here either. Thanks. -RH
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