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  1. Yep, noticed that and didnt like it.
  2. I think it scales itself depending on the level of Shep, and that was the playthrough i did with a character that had already finished ME2 once. I didnt get any moral points in the beginning, even though it said they would be therel.
  3. Didnt think of that. As for the demo, i played it for about an hour and then the freaking piece of s**t decided to crash... I didnt miss the isometric camera, as i only use it to target AOEs and such in DAO, but the "new" dialogue system was stupid as hell, and combat was a total mess with all the jumping around, and wtf, all attacks automatically hit? Thats so freaking lame. Also the configuration tool set all the graphics as low as possible, and when i decided to see if the game lags badly with high graphics it actually started running much more smoothly O,o I kept an open mind throughout the demo but I came to the conclusion that its nowhere near as good as DAO is, and DAO isnt even close to an "amazing" game. I´ll probably wait til this one costs 15 e before getting it, and instead play STALKER Call of Pripyat next, and then finally get into the world of the Witcher.
  4. As you are not very enthusiastic about it you could perhaps download in while you sleep?
  5. You know, that comment makes no sense whatsoever... If im unsure if i like a game or not i usually download the demo to see if its any good. You can always delete the demo after you play it. You have just decided that you wont like it no matter what and you are afraid you might like it if you try the demo
  6. Yes i know, but i guess i never got enough paragon to rebuild the trust with her... I cant remember what exactly happened in each of my playthroughs
  7. Thats the reason i dont watch horror movies, they seem just retarded with boogeymen jumping out of closets and stuff like that. I do watch zombie films though... But thats cause seeing corpses eat humans feels so good
  8. She didnt survive... So i guess i failed to get her to like me again after i agreed with Jack in the catfight scene. But that wasnt the point of my post.
  9. True... But with this those bad porn movies could actually have porn
  10. I once lost (loyal) Miranda in the fall from the human reaper fight place, but my shepard survived, so it seems that only one of the two needs to survive.
  11. This is some amazing ****... I hope these guys get a full band together soon. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  12. I dont really care, I havent played GH since it made me pick up the real guitar
  13. How did Bastila die? What character did you play if the main character died?
  14. I suggest people give this comment a nice round of applause
  15. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  16. This is worth a quadruple facepalm: :ugh::ugh:
  17. I side with the hookers in most cases... I mean, if you are an "individual businesswoman (or a man)" you are just trying to pay your bills doing the thing you love and do well. Nothing wrong with that. If you are doing it for other people, you are a modern day slave, an exploited and wronged human being. I hope you side with hookers more often after reading this
  18. I would download that, even if it cost 1200 xbox **** points.
  19. Im not celebrating the last year of human existence, im celebrating the ending of human existence. And Im kidding. Not about hating humans, but agout believing that the world will end next year.
  20. Enthusiasm 100% Perception 99% The rest were high, exept for sociality, which was moderate, the page died and didnt show the others...
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