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  1. Yeah the Exile is a lot more customizable, but I like Revan more. The Exile is still cool though.
  2. Bioware is awesome.
  3. Yeah I may make a new character on Starstrider. When I made my Commando character on Bloodfin the population said Medium, but I haven't seen that many people.
  4. Hey, I wasn't bashing vader, that's just a pic I found that I thought was cool and funny. Besides, Bioware had to give Revan some freedom otherwise Kotor obviously wouldn't have been an rpg.
  5. I'm on day 2 of the 14 day trial and on the Bloodfin server. Wow, I had heard this game was dead but maybe I just had to experience it first hand. It doesn't seem as fun as it used to be a few years back either. Don't think I'm going to be subscribing.
  6. Well, I stopped playing a long long time ago before NGE, maybe before CU can't remember. I was an imperial on Flurry. I am thinking about returning and playing SWG again. I am pretty certain I'm going to be an imperial again and was wondering what servers would be good for me to join?
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