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  1. I can't believe she's two already.You are a very lucky man.

  2. Happy Birthday deathdisco.

  3. Nice to see you back.

  4. Same thing here. It is a really great anime series.

  5. Why is you avatar the Eight-Tails Jinchuriki?

  6. I have the mod but I prefer to send them over PM's. I will send you a private message containing the mod when I find it. Just give me a couple of minutes.

  7. Why does your subscript say "Want and who I think!"?

  8. Uh, yeah. It should, I think. I have XP and it works for me.

  9. Yes it can be undone. It installs in any folder you tell it to. It is located at: http://www.filefront.com/2121558/KotOR-Theme-v1.20-Full/#

  10. Nice new avatar stoffe. Still trying to find one that I really like.

  11. The model has all of the animations that the Darth Malak model had. Which means, no ranged animations, only some single bladed animations, no two weapon fighting animations, and no double bladed animations. The force powers are all right though. The flourish for the single bladed weapon has the animation but no sound to. It also has no hand-to-hand animations. Nor does it have the floating in the kolto tank animation you see at the begginning of the game. I've got alot of work to do. So I would not mind having what you got so far. Good luck to both of us.

  12. If you can find the time, would you mind typing up a tutorial and sending it to me? So that I can finish where Avol left of on his Darth Vader mod?

  13. That is very good. How long have you been working on it now?

  14. How is it coming along by the way?

  15. Sad to see you step down from the KOTOR Files staff.

  16. I have not seen your post because I have lately been relaxed on my modding because of all the essays and projects we are doing at the high school. Plus, I'm still waiting on T7Nowhere to give me an update of his tests on my USM Patcher. But I just saw it just before I was going to reply to your message and yeah I'll say you are a huge fan of TDG.

  17. I did not know you were a three days grace fan. I personally love their "Animal I Have Become" song.

  18. Goodbye SS. Good luck.

  19. Guess what. He is back!!!!!!!!!



  20. Happy Birthday mono_giganto. Thanks again for the help you gave me with the Revan's Mask model. I wish I could get it released soon but I still have stuff I need to fix and I can't get my K1 to work right. What usually happens is it crashes after about two minutes. Other times the module textures are screwed up and THEN it crashes after about ONE minute.

  21. I'll have to ask T7 about that once he finally replies. I've sent him multiple versions of the USM Patcher including various fixes and the like and he has not replied to any of them. Oh and btw, I've been talking with Mark on his profile on WWE.com. He says he will be returning to smackdown soon. Yay.

  22. Cool new avatar TriggerGod.

  23. I can't send a reply to you. Your PM box is full. I was just going to say thanks for letting me know and I could have really used the mod when making my walking animation fix.


    Thanks for the rather late reply, but better late than never.



  24. Thanks. It is actually startign to work for me now. Slow but still workign.

  25. I'm sure you have heard that Twitter has been hacked and possibly Facebook as well. I am unable to access my Facebook, it keeps taking me to the Internet Explorer Cannot Display This Webage. Are you able to access yours?

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