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  1. I love your Carth's Clothes mod. I edited it so it would be the default clothes of the soldiers in K1. I also took another part of your mod but I can't remember what I did with it. My computer crashed and I lost all of my mods.

  2. It made me laugh too. But sadly, that is one of the things that closed the thread

  3. I found a really funny picture and put it in the Ahto Spaceport Cantina. Look here


    EDIT: Thread was closed 'cause it was going off-topic according to Darth333 and now you can only look but not post. Sorry.

  4. Happy Holidays Everyone! Christmas is just around the corner and not to mention finals at my school. So I am going to take a temporary break from modding for the duration of the holidays. I'll post here when I come back.


    Stay Warm and Happy Holidays,


  5. You might want to find an avatar. It makes you seem out of place. You could find one on the internet or make one like myself and many other great modders.

  6. OK, thanks. You might want to free up some space in your PM inbox.


    Thanks for all the quick replies,


  7. Is it compatable with TSL and K1 or just TSL? 'Cause I can't find your video card listed in the Troubleshooting Guide's list of supported/unsupported video cards. Did you have to do anything to make it compatable with the TSL game?

  8. Is that for Vista or XP?

  9. Shem. I tried PMing you and it said you had exeeded your storage space. Please free up space so people can send you PMs. Here was my PM:


    Hey Shem. I was watching your youtube vids yesterday and your graphics on your vid where you face zez-kai-el in TSL is way much better than mine. What graphics card do you use? I was thinking about the ATI Radeon X800 with it's high def gaming function. Am I right?


    Hope all is well,


  10. By all means take your time, I can wait. I don't like rushing people. Oh, and question... Where will you post comments? Here? Private Messaging? I would perfer one of the two.


    Hope all is well,


  11. I'm not sure on how to do that. I did not start modding very long ago and I'm still a rookie. If you want to do it yourself, show me how to do it I'd very much appreciate it. I'll be sure to give you all the credit for that part of the mod which is all that's keeping me from finishing the mod is converting it to TSL. If you could do this or tell me how to do it, I would appreciate it. PM me with the directions or if you decide to do it, just PM me saying you have it done and I'll give you one of my email addresses so you can send it to me. I'll be sure to let you know if it got through.


    Hope all is well,


  12. I sent you a PM asking for the fixes you said you had in the thread located here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2534608

    I gave you two of my email addresses so you could send them to me. The Internet where I live is acting very strange lately and I'm not sure if my message got through. If you did not get the message just let me know and I'll send you another one.

  13. I found out a while ago that Sithspecter is seriously considering giving up on the Revan project and give it to someone else with what he has already. So I assume the stress is finally getting to him. So I think we should all give SS some support and encouragement to not give up. Who is with me?

  14. Thanks. It is the max dark side portrait for my Red Twilek Head Mod TSL v2. It is released on KOTOR Files if you want to check out the mod.

  15. SS, I was wondering if it is still too early to release a version 1 of the Flowing Robes of Revan on KOTOR Files for either game. Sure it may be missing a few animations but still unstarching it has to count for something. I'm sure many people will appreciate it.

  16. thanks for letting me know that.

  17. Thank you for telling me. That might explain a few other things as well.

  18. I sent you a private message a few days ago asking for your permision to use a few things for a mod I'm wanting to make and you still have not got back to me. If you would please check for the message and if you did not get it I'll send it again.

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