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  1. I friend of mine did it.. i believe it was M@RS i could be mistaken though.. try asking him.

  2. Nice avatar! Mind telling me how you did that?

  3. As I said in the group, wellcome to the Bounty Hunters of LF:D Sorry for the great delay.

  4. Ah, ok thats all i wanted to know.

  5. I'm not responsible for his ban, but I can't discuss the reasons for his ban - that's between Mandalore the Shadow and the staff.


    It's only a temp-ban, so he'll be back in a couple of days.

  6. Tuk'ata are the canines found in the tombs on Korriban. Here is an article about them on the Star Wars wiki.:D

  7. yes but i dont rememebr anything but i have KotOR II

  8. Ever played KotOR?

  9. very nice, but whats a tut- thingy that you said?

  10. Well that's easy! Lots of heavy weapons, some lightsabers, a Vibrosword, the works.

    A ship akin to the Ebon Hawk with a docking port for my Besu'liik, and a suit of Beskar'gam modeled after that of Mandalore the Ultimate.

    I'd probably use more stealth than you'd expect after hearing about my armament, and I would never be too shy to drop out of the sky in my besu'liik to engage my quarry in one on one combat.

    Maybe I'd have a pet as well, perhaps a trained Tuk'ata.

    How's that for ya:D

  11. osik vod, you cant be too redneck to join ha! and im trying to sum up what type of bounty hunter you would be.

  12. Not really no. They'd probably think I was too redneck for consideration anyway. If I let them:D

    Why are you wondering?

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