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  1. wow, thats is some major osik. why cant people do things jus to benefit society instead of always having to make a profit, and if they cant make a profit they wont do it. what ever happened to the good ol days?
  2. wow, seems like things have been rough around here in my leave. Well, at least theres still some fightin spirits here, but I do have to apologize fer my absence, iv been busy with AJROTC, school, work, and my future soldier program, ****s been hectic. But im back now if only fer the time being. I do have to say though, i agree about the jab at TOR and I personally have to say that that one guy who made the whole two posts about his awesomely epic game idea is a total moron. All he did was say basically to make another battlefront with RC/IC characters. Has anyone read IC yet? its actually perty good, cant wait fer the next book, and lets keep spirits high in here boys, HOOAH!
  3. Hey there i would like to do a part in voice acting, still workin on gettin a mic but if possible id like to audition fer krayt or ghost
  4. Have any of you ever wanted to be more than a simple human jedi or sith in KotOR or KotOR2? Say perhaps a Mando'ad force user, or a trandoshan force user, or some other sentient species or culture besides normal human jedi or sith.
  5. I would be more of a gray jedi.. i have qualities of both sides... not good enough to remain in the Order but not bad enough to be a Sith haha i would have two black sabers... or a spear with a lightsaber tip
  6. Merry Christmas vode hope everyone had a good one!
  7. Amon Amarth, heavy/viking metal, They have a heavy sound with viking lyrics and voice with powerful instruments and beautiful riffs.
  8. You would have to get an original Xbox, but like i said. You'd be wastin yer time cuz hardley anyone gets on Live fer RC anymore.
  9. Ha i agree, most likely the spartans shields nor armor would hold.. also if you would like an example of a S-3. Look at Noble Team in Halo: Reach, minus Jorge, he's a S-2.
  10. Haha, I agree with both The Doc and the thread topic. It's called America for a reason, I'm sure if and American was to go to Mexico they would have to learn Spanish would they not? You don't go to Juarez and see a bunch of white guys in suits have convos in English and snickering at the Mexicans because they can't understand them.
  11. um, yes you can still play on Live, but its very, very dead on there. I think i found like 3 people after like a hour of searchin.
  12. I friend of mine did it.. i believe it was M@RS i could be mistaken though.. try asking him.

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