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  1. I'm sure Revan was probably the most powerful Jedi I've heard of. Although I could be wrong, and I know people are going to argue against me. Each Dark Jedi and Jedi alike, each have their own strengths, Revans being his military smartness, and possibly his skill in both force and lightsaber combat. I personally think Revan could kick Vaders, Sidious, Grevious', Mauls, Malaks and Bastilas asses at the same time. Cause he's awesome like that And Starkiller don't stand a chance against Revans power Starkiller was indeed powerful, although not as powerful as many, but Revan knew many dark and, sometimes, terrible things about the dark side, having discovered them on his journeys to discover the Star Forge The only person I think that could stand a change against Revan is POSSIBLY Yoda Yoda is strong in the force and all, but, really, he's old, and he doesn't have the strength of many other jedi in battle. Darth Caedus was pretty powerful as well, he could manipulate the past using the Foce. Even Kreia herself said that looking at him was like looking into the heart of the Force. You can't deny that he was extremely powerful. More powerful than Vader, definately. Vader wasn't that strong, really By the way, does anyone know a link to a list of Metachlorian counts? (sorry if I spelt that wrong)
  2. In KoTOR 2, Kreia says something about revan ... lol sorry to be so vague, I can't remember what she said. I was just wondering what he is, cuz well, it's just a weeird thing that's been bugging me. I know he's really powerful and stuff, and he found the star forge, but i thought he was something like, else
  3. When does Kreia say "awaken...beast"?
  4. O.K, I know he found the Star Forge, and he was the dark lord and all. But, is he important other than that? Like, for example, Darth Sion was immortal. Does Revan have any like, special place in the galaxy?
  5. Thanks. If someone could get me a video of that cutscene, it would be MUCH appreciated, it was probably one of my favourite parts ever from the game
  6. O.K, I've been searching all day on youtube and google for a video of Bastila saying this whole thing. If anyone could get me a video, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, I would like to know what part of the game this was in.
  7. Hello, for your Revan's Mask mod, how do get the INGame console?

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