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  1. Snake reached into his cigarrette box to find that he had none left. "And if they don't have any smokes, it'll be hell to pay." he grunted. "Let's get going."
  2. Snake threw his cigarrette on the ground and put it out with his foot. "I don't usually like working with other people but I don't think I have any more relevant say in the matter." "We got it Comman- Admiral." Garrus finished.
  3. "If I can suggest an idea, I'll go into the base and distract the guards while you get the artifact." "I wouldn't risk someone with a flashlight for a head doing an infiltration mission. Why don't you let me go?" told Snake, lighting yet another cigarrette. "Maybe your smoking is just as noticeable?" replied Garrus. Snake responded with a growl.
  4. The Nobs (Led Zeppelin's name for a concert in Copahagen)
  5. Heres another one for me: Melee to Brawl (Too slow, not much single player improvements, no wavedashing and NO MEWTWO!!!) It wasn't really bad but is was nowhere near as good as Melee.
  6. Sure, you love these games, but you hate their bastard brothers. Direct sequals to spiritual successors, all are fair game. Pokemon Stadium 2 to Pokemon Battle Revolution Metroid Prime to Metroid Prime 2 (cool music though) The World is Not Enough to Agent Under Fire KotOR to KotOR 2 (Peragus and cut content)
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