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  1. It's probably Star Wars 1313, the game Lucasfilm trademarked earlier this month.


    It's rumored to be a game based on Boba Fett (due to him using the alias CT-1313 in a Star Wars novel).


    I'm just hoping that whatever is revealed at E3 was developed by LucasArts in-house. It's their 30th anniversary this year, and it would be a shame to celebrate it with only a licensed title from an outside developer.

  2. It's out now. :)


    Probably partially because it features 3D characters on a 2D background.


    I still want to buy this, but I'm not a fan of SecuROM... Oh, well.


    Any news on what other places you'll sell this on? I've only seen it on Gamersgate so far, and while I don't mind them, I'd like to know what the alternatives are.

    Skygoblin has said DRM has been removed from all places, including Gamersgate (they just haven't updated their page yet). But to answer your question, besides Gamersgate, it's available at Adventure Shop, Desura, and a whole lot of other places.

  3. I think someone must have originally put the sale price as the list price, as it used to be listed as List price: $0.74, but now it's list price is $2.99 and its sale price is $0.74.


    The game wasn't that bad. The adventure portions were a lot of fun, and the action portions were tolerable. It's too bad that part 2 will never see the light of day.

  4. There's now a new set of five missions called "Warriors of the Sky" that has you searching for the pieces of the Temple of the Sky with Indiana Jones (and Harold Oxley from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).


    Nice game. But I don't have any friends playing it so it's pretty hard sometimes complete the missions..

    Yeah, unfortunately it's only possible to complete most of the missions with at least one friend. Of course more is preferable. I have two friends that play the game, and I have to have a lot of patience to wait until enough time has passed to ask for another item. Plus, I have to make sure I keep logging in when it's time to ask, since there's a time limit on the missions.


    Zynga has a system in place now on Farmville where you can ask people who recently played the game to be your friend without having to make them your Facebook friend. Hopefully Zynga will put a system like that in place for Indiana Jones Adventure World too. You won't be able to post on their wall for stuff, but you can still ask them to send you items through friend requests. Plus, it definitely would make it a lot better for missions that require people to join your party. It's not impossible to get in a mission that requires a lot of friends, it just takes a lot of patience since you have to complete collectable collections in order to get a crew member as a bonus.


    That said, I've really enjoyed the Indiana Jones missions so far. It's really got the Indiana Jones feel, despite the game being firmly in the family game department. (Although the Lego games already showed what a family Indy game could be).


    Plus, the references to past Indy adventures and acquaintances is fun. Indy mentioned that he was flown to South America by Jock Lindsey (from Raiders). The person who's trying to beat Indy to the calendar of the sun is Doctor Forrestal (the skewered skeleton in the cavern in Raiders). And, the latest Indy missions (Warriors of the Sky) have you team up with Harold Oxley (from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).


    Zynga's customer service is great too. My connection was lost from the server, and when I logged back in Indy got stuck (and it was the mission where you set off a trap for him, and then (non-playable) Indy would set off a trap for you, so it was impossible to go any further). The customer service representative gave me a whole bunch of supplies and energy, all of the items that had to be asked for by friends in that mission, and got Indiana Jones unstuck in under five minutes. :)

  5. This video preview was put up on Facebook today showing Indiana Jones featuring prominently in Adventure World starting tomorrow.


    This is probably where Hal Barwood's story design will come into play.


    I've been playing the game as it is for about a week, and it's already got a hint of Indy flavor with the music, the atmosphere, and the injokes :). It's like Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures meets Farmville since you have to maintain a base camp with animals, farms, oil reserves, and water wells. And since it's a social game, a lot of the puzzles require help from friends (or paying actual money to get those objects if you're crazy :p).


    It should be interesting to see how the game changes once Indy's brought in.

  6. Hmm... now that I actually got to try the fix, I couldn't get it working. The game won't start and I need to reinstall to get it working again.


    At first I thought there was something wrong with the batch file. For some reason the files couldn't be moved and it failed at "move *.exe data000". I then redid everything manually but the results were the same.


    Not really sure where the problem is. I guess I'll keep trying later on.

    Did you run it in Residual or the original executable? It doesn't recompress the LUA file, so I'm not sure whether it runs in the original Grim. It should work fine with Residual though.

  7. You know that problem Grim Fandango has had since release with a whole section of dialog near the end of the game not triggering for most people?


    On the Residual forums, giucam has finally figured out why that happens.


    Apparently, the LUA file for Domino's second speech has the same check name as the LUA file for Domino's first speech. So if you talk to Domino in his office at the beginning of the game, you won't be able to talk to him the second time near the end of the game.


    Luckily, giucam has also provided a step by step guide of how to fix this problem using Residual tools. It's all rather technical, so I created a little batch file that should automate the process. It uses Find And Replace Text to replace the text in the LUA file.


    The dialog options for Manny's second meeting with Domino are rather lengthy, and most people never got to hear them. So now, finally, Domino will no longer be sitting silently at his office at the end of the world. Manny can finally get Domino to take those darn headphones off and talk to him. ;)


    My zip file with the compiled Windows versions of the Residual tools and my batch file can be downloaded here.


    Just unzip it into the same directory containing DATA000.LAB and run fixgrim.bat.

  8. Also if you find your way through the forest and get the treasure without purchasing the map first. You need the map to light the cannon once you're on the ship, right?

    If you don't buy the map you just put in one of the brochures into the fire, and Guybrush says he might as well put the rest in the fire as well.

  9. I finished Hector 2 and 3. They were much better than 1. The raunchy humor seemed genuinely funny now rather than just feeling like it was tacked on.


    It was great that they made Lambert playable too, and that Hector and Lambert had to share objects between each other. The second game felt like Day of the Tentacle in that respect, since communication and object sharing between Hector and Lambert had to be set up, and after that they couldn't interact directly, but through communication through a toilet and sharing objects to each other.


    If the second game was like DoTT, the third game felt a little like Maniac Mansion, since Hector and Lambert could communicate directly but they both had different skills that had to be used to accomplish their goals.


    The games both still had bugs, but they were very minor (the only one I saw in 2 was a one pixel bar across the screen at the meat truck scene and in 3 Hector's shirt some times changed back to the hospital gown when he was talking at the fair).

  10. Also, Residual is nowhere near ready for a full playthrough from what I've read.

    I played all the way through Grim Fandango in Residual a few months ago. There were only a few very minor animation glitches, and most of those have been fixed since then.

  11. Well, I finished the last episode of Back to the Future. I liked the voice acting. I loved all of Michael J Fox's characters. It was fun to time travel so much in one game. The puzzles were good. The story was fun, it wrapped everything up nicely. And the ending was really crazy, but funny. It was a nice homage of the first movie.


    But, the bugs! Gah! The bug where the characters call Marty the wrong pseudonym is there again. One of Edna's sentences is different in the text and the subtitles. Plus Marty gives her a response that would make sense with the subtitles but doesn't with the speech. But the most annoying bug was that I'd often click on an object and it would open up the inventory instead. There's nothing more frustrating to me than a game where you have to wrestle with the interface.


    Telltale either needs to increase their testing and programming staff to fix the bugs or reduce the amount of games they make at one time, because I hate seeing them in this state. :(

  12. Since I last posted I finished the Telltale Back to the Future games and Hector.


    I liked Back to the Future 1-3, despite the animation bugs in episode 1 and the characters calling Marty by the wrong pseudonym in 1 and 2. Even though I did enjoy them, they were all just average adventure games (about as fun as the Doctor Who Adventure Games), which is disappointing from Telltale. Part four, however, was a big letdown after a fun third episode. The third episode didn't have any bugs for me, but the fourth episode was buggier than usual. I had to turn on pop up text because I'd keep on clicking on things that I didn't want to since the hotspot areas were wrong on a lot of items, I'd keep on getting in a conversation with Trixie just by touching her without initiating a conversation, and the game really seemed to drag in the middle. I liked the overall story (as always), but the inconsistent pace and huge amount of bugs makes it very hard to recommend. This is the first Telltale game I'd rate under a 3 out of 5, but it definitely is below average to me.


    Hector is another game that I'd rate below a 3 out of 5, which is sad because it was a fun (if average) game. But, upon playing through the second time I found a dead-end that made you actually have to restart the game and play through again (and has happened to people several times before me). If you don't pick up the spray paint in the park before you leave the screen, it's gone when you come back. Telltale's bugs are annoying, but game breaking bugs are unacceptable. I really hope Telltale releases a patch for this soon.


    I was really hoping Telltale would start bug-fixing their episodes after the flack they've been getting on their forums since the first episode of Back to the Future in December. But their last two games are more buggy than ever. :(


    I really hope they took the extra month to really bugfix the last episode of Back to the Future, because (I never thought I'd say this since my blog used to be called Telltale Fan) I've pretty much lost my faith in Telltale. :(

  13. After almost 8 years of development, Grim Fandango is now completable in Residual, the 3D adventure game engine based on the 2D point-and-click adventure game engine ScummVM.


    This makes Grim Fandango compatible in modern versions of Windows (for which it was notoriously difficult to do with the native executable), as well as Linux and MacOS X for the first time ever.


    I just played through the game myself, and it plays pretty well with a few minor glitches. It was great to play the game all the way through again after all these years. :D

  14. I just played through Shenmue and Shenmue II on the Dreamcast for the first time in years. I guess I'm getting a little more lenient towards stuff than I used to be, since I used to hate the English voice acting but I didn't mind it for the most part during my latest playthrough (although I still would never give it any awards ;)).


    The control scheme is dated now (directional pad for walking, trigger for running, analog stick for looking), but it's still enjoyable to play. I'm better at the fighting parts than I used to be. And the storyline is just as engrossing as I remember it (although the English translation is a little clunky, especially in the first game). It's just a shame the second one ends on such a strong cliffhanger and they never made Shenmue III. I hope Sega will provide the financial backing to Yu Suzuki to finish it some day. :)

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