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  1. :) its a mint story i got the next one today :)

    ask me for them when ur done with tht one

  2. lol last time we spoke on this it was about castle field XD

  3. i a using photo shop but i only really started using it again lately, i did use it when i was doing media in college but that didn't really cover much as it was just copying and pasting mostly. so i am new to photo shop and still learning about it.

  4. you said something about a better blade how would i get one of them?

  5. KotOR 2 moment in get smart today ^^ cinema was fun and i cn't w8 till friday =] lol i wanna drink nxt sat this time tho lol

  6. true i never thought of it that way, but i think i will keep posting it and see how it goes, i will read yours soon (y)

  7. thanks for the tips i will edit my story and change buts around like i said the story isn't final yet its just a drft ==]

  8. well i put the second half of my story in so u could read that, well its not half just part lol well maybe you should make her a true darksider make her feed of her passion let it control her make her strong =]

  9. yeh but i was only a 10 min one =P but it tends to lag around 1 which sucks lol

  10. =D sure did and it was fun lol! am good how is my friendly sith today.

  11. Del_boy i was just wondering do u have an xbox live account for the xbox 360, because i have a friend it with the same name

  12. eeeeerrrrr..... ok

  13. hhmmm... a whip sounds painful... can i help =]

  14. hahaha... i knew that i was testing you yeehhh =] lol iw iwll read 'em =]

  15. no i havent but i will.... how do i get on it

  16. pooorr sophie dnt worry i will txt u about how good it is lol

  17. aaaawwww lol i remember it cause its the day after saints row 2 comes out and the day fable2 comes out =] lol

  18. i comes out on the 15th =D lol if i can get the money then yehi will come to the cinema =] and i made a thread and people are tlking on it =D lol

  19. lol i love the battle scenes but i have very limited skills as a writer which is anoying cause i kinda love writing stories lol. sorry to but in ur convo, am a friend of burnseys =] btw

  20. lol started a thread will you please comment on it =] its called 'unarmed or weapon?'

  21. sorry i forgot lol. ahhh well come on msn please =]

  22. hhahahahahaaaa no i have no nolage of this thing u call a full stop wat is it llol.


    Sophie i have a LAPTOP !!!!!n wooo loll

  23. hhheeelllooo

    friend of burnseys too =D lol i like ur name it has fett in it! =]

  24. yeerr lol she was the one who got me on this website but i like KotOR more than her =P


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