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  1. I've had the great pleasure of being a Reign member for nearly two months now. It's a great community and I encourage everyone looking for a friendly community, whether you're looking for a guild, or a guild itself interested in engaging in quality SW:TOR discussion with another group of fans following this great game.
  2. This. KotOR (one and two) will not hold a graphical candle to SW:TOR. I'm with Tommycat and Alexrd here. SW:TOR will be the first game I'll be paying a monthly sub for due to what I've seen while I've been following the game (the guild I'm in has also contributed to my hype). I loved of Veni chose the most earliest screenshot as an example of the graphics of SW:TOR (that have been overhauled on many occasions and most likely will several more times before we reach launch). You're pretty dead-set, Veni, so I don't quite see the point of your debating the game at all. WoW may be considering moving to a F2P style based on what they're seeing with Turbine's and other MMOs' numbers, so that may not be completely out of the question for SW:TOR.
  3. PC We have 56 total rounds in a sniper's pack of clips. 8 rounds per clip. Do the math. That makes a total of 7 clips in a full pack.
  4. The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition will be on PC... but of course... no Hoth for PC- just for console... naturally. Dirty pool. http://news.bigdownload.com/2009/07/24/star-wars-the-force-unleashed-ultimate-sith-edition-coming-to-p/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbFxuxOBdPs
  5. I totally agree with shukkoku's idea for climbing. Not big climbs... small ones. Think of Mygeeto BFII. The center tower. You know the ledges that build into the main platform that runs all around? The ledge that breaks up and lets you walk up the side... That ledge I'd like to be able to climb. Just 6 ft or so. I love how this jondavis can actually conceive of a class ability to climb. So all other classes are barely past toddler years or something? Give me a break. Universal climb or none at all.
  6. Number 1 post of this thread has been updated with new developments within the club, including new Imperial ranks (and rank images) from the movies, new Imperial Training Academy, and some minor updates.
  7. First, don't consider your questions stupid. It's intolerant and IGF isn't like that, so don't be sorry about it or feel that way. To confirm the answers to your questions... There's no cost involved in joining IGF. You do, however, need to own either SWBFII and/or JA, which does cost. Yes. We post our game results on a site. It depends heavily on the honour system. Also, the stats are monitored to make sure it's all legitimate. IGF would be useless if it didn't play online. And yes, it does matter if you have it for the PS2, as we only support the PC versions of the games. Like LordOfTheFish said, there's some good prices on Amazon.com, but you can be creative and look on eBay.com (and different eBays, like .ca .au and whatever else you can think of) for reasonable and downright cheap prices. I hope you decide to join IGF. We'd be happy to have you with us. Good luck and have fun.
  8. It's a recruitment topic for the Imperial Ground Forces. Read the first post, please.
  9. It would make a nice idea for an IGF event, if that were available... But isn't that basically Hunt mode?... I mean, it could be implemented into the Hunt format. I have to reiterate to commend jawa on his comment on the background trademarking by bbq... l-o-l... Just l-o-l....
  10. Nor will he be the last if LA keeps up this streak, which I don't doubt for a moment...
  11. Who doesn't love classic clone troopers, though? I can't get over Phase II. They're just so perfect...
  12. My replies are in red. regardless of whatever "vent" assumption one might imply. I hate having to begin like this, but look at the post count, just to start. I fail to see where this fellow obtained his terms of reference to reply with any sort of educated contribution. My replies are in orange. That is all for now...
  13. My replies are in red. My replies are in blue.
  14. Regarding your first paragraph... I wouldn't say we "condemned" it, but we certainly made our dislike and distaste in it clear, considering everything that's happened so far. I'm not sure how closely you're following this, but there's a lot going on and this is not a very satisfactory result from the company, as customers and consumers. Honestly, I don't care which handheld has customization. It's idiotic and just plain stupid as an idea. I don't care if it's on DS or PSP. This is just another let-down to PC gamers anyway, let alone this is nothing more than a lazy piece of junk added to the heap. In answer to your question, no, there is nothing there I wanted to see out of a handheld video game. I don't even want to see a handheld video game of Battlefront at all. No, it's not "fiddlesticks"... It's "why the big to-do over this all, with the turmoil and all the fuss surrounding it, when it's a complete downgrade pathetic excuse for a Battlefront nonsense. I'm not claiming anything. Sorry. And yes, they did just throw it together... They added some more heroes (which is something most people here will hate so much they'll laugh), and some colours... This isn't what anyone expected from them. Slap in the face doesn't do this justice. Also, I'd like to know what evidence you have for your (actual) claim that this is a side-by-side. I love how you can actually make such assertions of the members of this forum and make such accusations. I fail to see your point in it, regardless of the slander. Also, what are you doing, assuming you're not part of the 90%, on this forum? Complaining about complainers? That's disappointing. Addendum to bokken's post: I totally agree with that. I haven't been here long, but I can see how and why the folks here can feel the way they do. One disappointment after another... I also find it disrespectful that Mav could have the audacity to actually insult the members here and believe what he's saying is somehow contributing in any way, when he's simply making hostilities. And yes, the graphics are beyond comprehension in their insanely dinky looks. I don't know how anyone can justify that one... GL/HF, all.
  15. I concur. Do it yourself, instead of expecting other people to do things for you.
  16. Sorry, Mav, but I don't think anyone here has taken that position on it. And "probably" is a longshot, at best. Though there is a possibility it is still coming, this puts a hold on it. I highly doubt both being released at once... Also, I really don't think it's very good in appearance, so I have to disagree with you there... Customizable skins has seemed to have the lamest of effects. Pink/green troopers makes no sense. The classic look in BFII makes sense to me, though I hate the 501st immensely (give me unique clones per planet!).
  17. I agree with jawa... It's useless to have.
  18. Look at my new topic posted... =/ The end is nigh. Armageddon hath come.
  19. I'm very disappointed in every aspect of this game, including the ridiculous Mon Calamari I've seen around. Not to mention I'll be missing out on the fact that it will not be in PC. The graphics look like a bloody down-grade salad-toss of BFI and BFII. Adding heroes and concepts from TFU is in really bad taste, in my opinion. I think TFU should be discounted as anything even close to canon. That's being generous in my feelings on it... I think we may understand why the whole customization idea was a bad one. Seeing these multi-coloured clowns run around is not my idea of a good Star Wars FPS. Star Wars: New Battlefront Main Page Star Wars: New Battlefront Project Info I'll let you guys rip up the rest of it. Enjoy?...
  20. I wonder why you would make engineers for Republic/Separatist even more ridiculously imbalanced with turret dispenser, yet the later era engineers don't... Also, it wouldn't be a "Guardian Droid," but the Magna Guard. Guardian Droids weren't even a major character anywhere, other than Star Wars: Droids, which was nothing. Something I would like to see are more classes in space... A captain/admiral class for space would be cool. They could have a rally of some sort, and (this has been discussed before), maybe they'd be able to command the vessel itself. Noting the side-by-side battle between the Invisible Hand and Guarlara over Coruscant, the turbolaser/proton torpedo exchange of bombardment reminded me of classic naval warfare in the 17th-19th centuries. I'd like to see more of that in BFIII. Moving capital ships, maybe a couple of them, and realistic ship sizes, unlike what BFII now has, which is very disproportionate when you actually look. While some of your ideas are okay, it would need a lot of revisions to make it actually balanced.
  21. It sounds more like an RTS from that... I'd go with the hybrid guess.
  22. Is this the same Visualizer with DJO (RGF)? http://www.darkjedi.org/club/RGF/profile/bio.php?pl_id=12383548 Anyway, it sounds like quite a lot of turmoil surrounded that community. It's cool to see we have some survivors (like you) around to tell the tale. =) Thanks for the info.
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