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  1. It's been a long time since I visited the old Mojo forums. I must say. The new Monkey Island is ffing fantastic.
  2. Wha?! First Ron, Tim and David in the same room talking about Monkey Island, and now this!
  3. I now have TFU on the WII, pc hardcopy and pc Steam versions.
  4. I already have most LucasArts games from steam. What I want is more new classic games rereleased on steam!
  5. Only found this thread now, maybe a little late. But that is one awesome video.
  6. Yes I agree aswel, that was really well done.
  7. No, it's been said before, before TMI was released that they would not reveal with the secret.
  8. Now that the unforgivable offences have been fixed in the second SE (like the removal of the intro from classic), I'm not that bothered by most other small problems it has. I think it's a really good remake. Though like has been said before, it should have been fixed from the day of the release. It's a missed opertunity. And moaning is indeed important. If you strive for perfection, you may never actually achieve it, but things get improved along the way.
  9. Actually, I didn't have any problems with the wind in the spitting contest, or with Lechuck at the end. It felt like I had plenty of time.
  10. Actually, many in the UK are of Viking decent. If you're going to insult me, do it properly. It's Lord Trilobite. You silly wannabe pirate.
  11. When I logged on to steam, I noticed that it was downloading an update for MI2:SE. I haven't checked ingame what the changes are yet. But someone on the Steam forums said it contained mostly audio files. For the bone song and the hintline on dinky. Could they really have fixed it?
  12. Lol is that a camel or a dromedary? Since it seems to have two half humps.
  13. It must be a custom, look at the texture of his hat. Also, the LEGO Star Wars games are all awesome, buy them now. LEGO Indy 2 sucks though.
  14. So does that mean it's possible to rip out the narrator's voice and replace it with blank audio files?
  15. The characters look pretty crappy though, not to mention the lighting in some places.
  16. Monkey Combat and the robot monkey was a really stupid idea though.
  17. That campfire looks so weird without the characters and the fire.
  18. No. I want to know because everyone wants to know the Secret of Monkey Island. I mean, it's The Secret of Monkey Island. The Secret. There is no Secret that tops this Secret. It is the meaning of life. But on the other hand. There's a fair chance it's not what you expected and that it will disappoint. And so it will ruin the magic. The Secret of Monkey Island will not be The Secret of Monkey Island because it won't be a Secret anymore. So; Because it is The Secret of Monkey Island, I think it is best that no one should ever know The Secret of Monkey Island. Search your feelings, you know it to be true. We mortals are not worthy of The Secret of Monkey Island.
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