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  1. A studio called Red Fly apparently just got shut down, they made TFU for the wii. Some people speculated that they were working BF3, but i guess not anymore. I think that Spark would be a better bet since I am no fan of TFU especially on the wii.
  2. Recently I was made aware of something called Call of Duty 4: Galactic Warfare, which is a mod for cod4 in which everything looks like star wars. As far as i'm concerned, there is only the Empire and rebels as factions but each have the 5 or so classes and there are only two maps. All things considered this is a purely aesthetic change but it's a damn good one! heres a trailer:
  3. Actually, porting a game isn't that difficult. Usually they have a team devoted to coding the game in a different language. And i think Vegas had it right with first person that switches to third person when in cover that would would very well in a stealth related game like Rep, commando. Honestly with current day graphics even if it bad in comparison to triple AAA products, it would look good enough.
  4. Why, it's not like theres any NEW topics. people should at least get some ideas up in the air
  5. Anyone can list improvements off the top of their head, but it takes a REAL fan to spell it all correctly I can't take someone seriously when they misspell basic words
  6. Again, I was checking Battlefront3.net and saw that a developer Killspace entertainment could be making BF3. It's unlikely since they specialize in horror but they do make sci-fi. So far they are supposedly making 2 titles, an original IP and what mght be BF3. Heres a link http://www.battlefront3.net/ i would give out the killspace link but you need authorization to get in. Apparently they have talent from Obsidian, Pandemic, Luxoflux, Electronic Arts LA, and Red 5. What do you guys think?
  7. Rebellion had been making relatively crappy games and out of the blue, the AvP game was a success. You never know what they're capable of
  8. I think that Spark Unlimited is better than nothing and at least they have a little experience with next gen consoles. And what if all they're doing is finishing the Free Radical project, that would be great, I can't imagine them screwing THAT up.
  9. What Legendary and Turning point shared was an interesting angle on shooters, with a good developer they might be able to make a great BF3 thats assuming Lucas Arts is a good developer....
  10. I was checking http://www.battlefront3.net/ and some interesting new was made apparent, a developer named "Spark Unlimited" has an unnamed project for a high profile science fiction franchise. What do you guys think of the studio? are they worthy of the third installment or could they botch the project. Seeing their past games I wouldn't be surprised if it was a dud.
  11. omg that's a LITTLE bit too much, if there are heroes I doubt they would have a quarter of those
  12. I'm hoping for BF3 but I would be enthralled with JK4, TFU2 wouldn't do the same as the other two
  13. I was searching around the web the other day and I found this. http://www.joystiq.com/2009/11/25/new-star-wars-game-debuting-during-spike-video-game-awards/ Apparently Lucas Arts is announcing a new game at the 2009 video game awards. I have my hopes up for a new battlefront title, as do many of us. The VGAs take place December 12th, so keep your eyes peeled.
  14. do you know where these pics came form? and If these are legit then battlefront 3 is definitely on it's way. Or perhaps the fourth installment was started before the third went to hell and back. Maybe they'll slap BF3 on the fourth and put the past behind them.
  15. I don't see why people only think blue green and red are the only good colors, canon has showed us over the years that light sabers can project multiple types of crystals and rock, even synthetic material has been used. so there have been yellow, bronze, black, silver, blue, green and red. It's all been done so deal with it
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