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  1. why does this feel like an advertisement? and btw you dont like run'w/e'the mill warcraft players and easy mmorpgs but you prefer leveling over skill based system? strange taste build hosues and shoot guns and fly.. these are only %10 of what the game used to cover.. gta multiplayer is way more fun right now.. im sory cant help but to make these posts. really heartbroken. but back on the subject.. im very glad that somebody finally menaged to make a mmorpg with group npcs in it. always dreamt about that. kotor is more of the comics content and swg is more based on the movies. but yeah where theres a lightsaber ill be looking at that game.
  2. lol guys swgemu failed big time "its out in march" for 4 years.. nostradamus was more accurate soe failed worse.. everybody knows that the genius guys left their team and left them with nothing but an exe file that they cant decompile. thats why they kept failing with the updates and patches and also failed with the major upgrades the plaque they gave us called "i survived the cu" explains their awareness of the situation pretty much. its like saying "dear idiot player i wouldnt stay in this game if i wasnt working here" my advice... stop gaming. the industry lost its taste. go find a pc with win 98 on it and play old games. there are enough to keep your fun for a lifetime
  3. how did you fix it? i have the exact same problem and i keep reinstalling net framework 1.1 and 2.0 and kotor tools but i still cant solve it also.. all i want to do is extract texture files. if you know an alternative way to do this i would be grateful
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