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  1. No, I do not have them into an override folder, and yes, I used that mod - the one of Kristy. Ehm, I installed some mods after that yes, but they didn't change any appearance.2da or spells.2da files. However, I do have another question. Does it require any .2da editing if I install several mods that do have .2da files?
  2. I deleted the files that I installed of the Darth_Bane mod, loaded my game, and still the same.
  3. I'm not sure whether this is the right section to post or not, but I have a problem here. I use the Robe of the Darth_Bane mod, and the Brotherhood of Shadows' Revan Robe. The thing is, I noticed all robes that have the Revan model, aka DarthBane robe, the BoS Robe and the real Revan robe, have force powers that come out of your feet. I did download and install the Cutscene fix, and I've overwritten the files, but it still comes out of the feet.. again. If anybody knows what I'm doing wrong, please enlighten me. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello there, I was wondering, is there any possibility that anybody could make the force power that's like Multiple Drain Life, or "Force Drain" - it looks like the one Kreia uses to kill the 3 remaining Jedi Council members in K2. This request is for K1 though. I would love to know if anybody could make it, if it's even possible. Thanks.
  5. Ahh thanks for the advice Hope I'll be better in editing in the future:D And again, thanks
  6. Oh blast I got stuck 'ere, I did use the p_atrisBA files, I did overwrite it, but the robes still have the red and black colors. Any idea how to fix it? If any expert could make/edit it for me I would appreciate it.
  7. Hello there. I have recently seen a mod called "Exile's Atris Style Robes". I do wonder though, does anybody know where I can find the white version of it? I do have KotOR tool, but can't seem to find it.
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