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  1. yup, its on youtube

  2. hey, nice is it on YT?

  3. hey, released a gameplay trailer for roR

  4. Hi there ROTNR! :) I was wondering if Rise of the New Republic is still going on or if it's dead again?


  5. I think i fixed the probelm... I am testing it out right now. Ill let you know

  6. hey,

    hows the placeable

  7. It's a cool idea w/out a doubt, but as logan and the others said, it would require a hefty amount of editing of the modules to do. But if you've got the time and you can do it. Go for it ! =) That's the only problem I have with this, because the Jedi do not believe in killing a prisoner or killing someone who is not hostile, instead they would try to convert them. So it should be the other way around.
  8. LOL ok, tell me if something doesn't work correctly, and I will fix it for you and again if you want something edited.

  9. Hey,



    I will check it out ingame tonight =)

  10. alright, I will re-send it from GMail, will see if you get it =)... if there's anything that you don't like let me know, or if there's anything you want added.

  11. I checked my e-mail and did not see it.

    my email is:


  12. ok, sent u an email, don't know if you got it, let me know =)

  13. Hey,


    Whats up


    Was wondering if you finished the texture on that placeable





  14. the pics are in the public social group. you just have to join

  15. LDR

    How's my helmet comin' along? Just wonderin' .

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