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  1. I love a lot of them. They're my second favorite band.

    Dirt and Facelift are my favorite AiC albums.

  2. Cool whats your favorite AiC song?

  3. Is your avatar Layne Staley?

  4. I've changed my mind on Shaak Ti I have seen the light......
  5. "I was trying to kill a Sniper (forgot the name; I refer to it as the "Sniping Stormtrooper"


    Scout Trooper

  6. Yea when I first heard about the Clone Wars the first thing that came to mind was what could they possibly have to add in a 3 year time period.

  7. there's so much clone wars good and bad , enough to fill a library, now there gonna spend 5 years on a cartoon about it, Overkill= over done, too much, quantity not quality

  8. "Dark Times (Has been on Hiatus due to Clone wars overkill)"


    What do you mean by overkill?

  9. O is that series good because its cheap to get now and I've heard some good stuff about it

  10. Ah alright


    The guy on my avatar is Raziel. A protagonist of the Legacy of Kain series


  11. Not really I just saw you on alot of the boards I started posting on........Also who is the dude on your avatar?

  12. So any reason for the add?

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