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  1. Of course not. I'd be happy to do it for you.:D

  2. Not at all! I'm just really lazy lol. I only stopped by this morning to embarrass myself.


    Although, I was thinking of using a new one. Would you mind fixing the background on it like you did for for my current one?

  3. Pardon me Lady_Revan, but are you unsatisfied with the avatar I modified? If so, feel free to let me know, as I am always willing to improve it or fix it to your standards.

  4. That would work for Hanharr. I have no idea about the voice-over files. Hopefully the modder will drop back by. *tempts with Spinderfly's reskin* Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) (the white was caused from my improper code use. Should be gone now.)
  5. I would love that! Thanks so much ^_^

  6. Hey Lady_Revan, I just so happen to have a copy of your avatar with a transparent background and enhanced graphics. I could post it here if you like.:)

  7. I got some screenshots of Spinderfly's reskin test up in my livejournal. I'm not sure if we are aloud to give links like that here so if you guys want to see them PM me. I really like the reskin and can't wait for the mod to be ready.
  8. I'll send you a PM. So this will be just Mira's conversion into a Wookiee that I'm trying out or the full mod?
  9. If you still need someone to test it, I could do it.
  10. What a great idea! I'm glad someone is going to take on this project.
  11. Wow Stoffe she looks beautiful! I really like the clothing recolor.
  12. Mine should show up in my sig. The Lady Revan
  13. I'm glad you decided to take Mira's spot in the party (althrough I love Mira), cause I love this idea and was hoping I could get it and still be a lightsider. Are you guys going to use RedRob's female Wookiee's reskins or are those only for K1?
  14. You're welcome ^_^ As for a mod for the first game I haven't been able to find yet. Hopfully a modder will stop by here. *fingers crossed*
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