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  1. Hey Ms! I know it's been a while, but I'm back to the forums. Woo!

  2. Oh good. :) I was originally thinking that after his epiphany, maybe become one with the force(to illustrate me deleting the toon), but thought, especially since he sold everything and gave the money to Akarek(my trooper), it'd be too close to suicide or something. Didn't want that kinda downer.

  3. So, what did you think of the final thoughts? I tried to keep him slipping into crazy town as light as possible...it was meant to be funny, not depressing.

  4. I saw that! Shivers for sure. ^.^

  5. I don't think I'll be putting up a "Thoughts of a Padawan" today. I'm not sick per se, but definately fighting something that wants to make me sick. Keep an eye out tomorrow though.

  6. Been reading your "Thrall" series, and have to admit, I love it. The contrast between the Sith and Jedi, the padawan's torment over her own actions. Very riveting stuff. I have a couple stories floating around here....somewhere. Can't wait for more, though. Working the graveyard shift, in my downtime, getting to read this good stuff brightens my day.

  7. Heyya BFA. By the way, happy (much) belated 21st!

  8. Thanks mon. :D His name is Daniel Joseph, pulling from both mine and my wife's grandfathers.


    And thanks for the good luck. He's not too loud yet, lets us know when he's gone without too much fuss, it's just when we actually change him he gets upset. We are happy, though, that he's a healthy boy. He was about 6 weeks early, was a little jaundicey, and wouldn't eat right right away. BUT, 2 days in a baby tanning booth cleared up the jaundice, and by the time he was out of that he's eating like a champ.


    I might even get some piccies uploaded to show off. :p:D

  9. Heyya BFA! :D Guess what? As of the 20th of April, I became a Daddy! WOOO!

  10. Heyya HOP. :D Guess what? As of the 20th of Apr, I'm a Daddy! WOO!

  11. Heyya Burnseyy. :D Guess what? As of the 20th of April, I became a daddy! WOO!

  12. Heyya HOP. Merry Belated Christmas, and Happy Belated New Years too. :)


    So...just so you know, the wife and I had our 24 week checkup on the baby. Is healthy. Yay!

  13. *peeks in* A very merry (and VERY belated) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    *taps baton* Ok, all together!!


    Wee-Fish Ewe a Marey Gretz-Moose, Wee-Fish Ewe a Marey Gretz-Moose, Wee-Fish Ewe a Marey Gretz-Moose, Panda Hippo Gnu Deer!


    ....wait...what? ;)

  14. hey hey there. :) How're you?


    Me, I'm tired and was a little pissed-off-at-the-world yesterday. I think it's because the wife and I went to the ER on Monday night, and it threw off our sleep patterns.

  15. Not really. I don't watch too much TV proper, just the occasional movie, and a couple series that I like, like South Park and Family Guy and Robot Chicken.


    Yeah, I know, I'm a geek. ;)


    Most of my down time is video games, really. I just like the interactivity of them over just watching TV, ya know?

  16. I know what you mean. My parents had a cat for like 2 years before I was born. Instead of being jealous when I came into the picture though, she took to me like I was one of her own. My parents had my crib out in the living room, and when I'd cry at night, my mom ignored me(my dad was already asleep, and is a heavy sleeper). She didn't let me go for hours or anything, but enough to get it through that I wasn't the center of the universe. Well, our kitty, Precious(yah, yah, I know) didn't like that. She'd go back and meow at my mom, who ignored her because my mom knew what was up. So, then Precious would go over to my dad's side of their bed. They had a big water bed with spring-loaded doors back then, and the cat would open the door just a couple inches and let it slam shut. When my dad would finally wake up and chase her out, he'd find her in the living room, sitting at the base of my crib, mewing at me like "it's ok, they're coming now".


    I miss that cat, but what can you do.


    And no, my name's not Anakin. It's Jonathan.

  17. Oh, nothing is weird with the kitties having the names that they do. It's just weird that my wife, who is "normal", doesn't like games, thinks that star-wars is "ok", and is SO not a geek, is the one who decided to go with the full star-wars theme instead of me. I was going to be willing to change the cats' names to something else for her, and she decided to go full-on star-wars. hehehe.


    Of course, she really realized what she did when we went to the vet for their second set of shots(they're all babies :) ) and the vet-tech went "Oh! It's the Star Wars family!" And my wife was "Oh no! What have I done?!"


    I replied, "well, so long as we don't name our kids Luke or Leia, we'll be fine."

  18. Well, she's a 4-5 month old chewer. :p She was listed as a German Shepherd mix, and I swear she has some kind of hound in her, along with the possibility of Rodesian Ridgeback and Chow. She's smart, loving, and just plain adorable.


    The funniest thing, though, is her name. If you're not familiar with it, the Humane Society is a non-profit organization that finds animals and adopts them out, and that's where we got our puppy, as well as our two kitties. The kitties were already named R2D2 and C3PO, and the puppy was named Charity. Well, the wife and I got the kitties, and decided to bring home the puppy too. Now, I'm the huge Star Wars geek, she thinks it's ok. So, I was floored when she decided, not me, not my idea, SHE decided that we had to rename Charity to Chewiebaca. "Because she looks like a Chewie."


    Which leads to a few cute nicknames for her, like "Chew Chew!" (like a train whistle), or "our beautiful Chewlip". I love my wife, she can be so silly sometimes. :p

  19. It wasn't too bad. Just putzing at work, had to do a CPR course(I'm a trainer for it). Over the weekend I built a small fence in the back yard to keep our puppy from chewing up our cable, and now my hands hurt.

  20. How's your friday?


    I'm stuck at work with NOTHING to do, except play the new Castlevania for the DS. It's fun. :)

  21. Let's see, I think I sent you it last Friday, probally right after you logged off. :) I know you and DY talk alot, so it probally just got lost. :D No problem.


    As for the counselor....who knows. :p;) Don't stress too much though, it'll be over before you realize it.


    And finally, TOR? I've only seen a couple blurbs on it. I'm not too worried one way or the other...I've still got my story for KotOR, and have to play and finish TSL. I loved how Galaxies used to be, where you got to customize yourself fully. When they went to the whole "1 of 9 classes with levels"....it died. Bad. So, if TSL has a good code, and multiplayer(if it's not an MMO), I'll be happy. I just enjoy a good star wars game. :D If it IS an MMO....I doubt I'll be playing it. With a wife who thinks games are stupid in general, and a baby on the way, I can't justify a monthly fee. *shrugs* That's why I play MU**es. And yes, that is M U Asterix Asterix, because there are various kinds of MU's...MUSH, MUX, MUDD....the only downside is no graphics. :p

  22. Not bad, not bad. Just plotting along, doing my thing. :) Spent the whole day Saturday cleaning, which made the wife very happy. :)


    I dunno if you got my last post last week explaining Lost in Blue. Right now, I've been playing Bully for the Wii, and Rogue Galaxy for the PS2. The newest Castlevania comes out today here, so I can't wait to get it. :D:D:D


    I got a flu shot yesterday, and my arm STILL is sore. When we take over the world, the first thing we eradicate from the face of the planet, will be the flu virus. *nods sagely*


    And, I figure it will be...ohhhh...2-3 weeks before my next Star Wars kick hits, and when that happens, I'll pop back in KotOR, and post my story of my twisted view of the DS Revan, with some major liberties on the story(like who he kills at the end before hitting the star forge). ;)

  23. Hola, bonjour, g'day, hallo, konichiwa, and yo! (the last is brooklyn). :D


    How're you today?

  24. Well, yes and no to being an RPG. There is no leveling up, no money, nothing. You have 4 meters, overall health, hunger, thirst, and stamina. As time progresses you lose Hunger and Thirst, while eating or drinking fill these back up, at various amounts based on what you ingest. Stamina goes down based on whether you are running, walking, climbing cliffs, etc., and you can rest by sitting down to recharge it, and when you sleep at night. If your hunger gets to 0, you start starving, and your health starts to go down. There are also predators in the game, namely wolves, that you can fight. If they hit you, obviously you lose health. ;) You collect various materials to build your things, for example the first tool you make is a fire-starter using a twig and a piece of tree bark. You can also make spears, fishing poles, traps with bamboo baskets, bows and arrows, and necklaces to help make your partner happier. There is the "story" of trying to get rescued, but mainly it's down to explore the island and stay alive. To get further into the island, sometimes you need to take your partner with you to help push really big logs or rocks, but most of the time it's easier to leave them in the cave so their stamina doesn't drop like a rock. ;)


    Well, HOP is in on our world takeover. :D


    And you enjoy yourself good. :) I'm not big on drinking normally anyways. I've always said my head's messed up enough as it is, I don't need any help. ;) Though the truth is, for me, I've just never seen a reason to drink heavily. I enjoy the occasional drink, sure, but I drink for flavor, not to get pissed. So, a couple shots, or a mudslide, and I'm good. I like rum, vodka, buttershots(a schnaups if you're not familiar with it), and the like, but can NOT stand beer. Of course, I haven't had European beer, just american micro-brew stuff. I might be able to do a good ale, but never tried it. And I can not stand wine, except Japanese style. THAT stuff is good...you know, sake and plum wine. :)

  25. *nods* Yeah. In the Air Force, for us Enlisted, we automatically gain rank from E-1 through E-4. To get E-5, we have to have so much time in service, time in rank, and study for a test. All that, plus a few other things, go to a raw score. The bigwigs waaaay up there set a certain point value, say 450 points, and if you make that, you get a promotion. If you are below it, you have to wait till the next year.

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