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  1. *nods* I do enjoy the work. It's a good cross between intellect and labor. I schlep 20lb(9 kilo) toolboxes, put in and pull out 120 lb(54 kilo) parts to the jet, and have to be smart enough to troubleshoot 12 different systems, with upwards of 6 components each, based on 3-digit error codes. It's a blast. :D


    The hearing loss is eventual. I wear little foam ear-plugs, as well as ear defenders(the head-phone style noise blockers) whenever I'm out there, but being 5 feet from a 200db jet engine....yeah. It's still too loud.


    However, the funny thing is, over the past 4 years, I've been able to hear higher and higher pitches at lower decibals(meaning my upper-range hearing is getting better), with no noticable decrease in my low-range hearing. :D Of course, caffine makes me sleepy, and my body heals broken bones in less than 3 weeks. *shrugs*

  2. *nods and grins* Yup. I say it's America's fault for WWII, even though Hitler officially started it, due to the policies and economic stresses placed on Germany after the first war.

  3. *nods* It has it's downsides...namely Korea and of course the desert, for obvious reasons.


    But, you know what, I enjoy my work, I love the job security, and while the pay isn't that great, the benefits more than make up for it. Total health care, with no co-pay(so long as it's through the approved network). In a couple years, I'm going to look into PRK or Lasik for my eyes, and it'll be covered. :D


    Of course...I WILL eventually lose my hearing. The flightline is so loud, if you tried to drown out the noise with your iPod, the thing itself would probally fry. And I wear two sets of hearing protection when I'm out there, and I'm still going to lose some of my hearing.

  4. The german thing was because of WWII. I actually know some people from our generations that think Germany should still be punished for the war.


    Schnitzel and Waurst are awesome. :D My immediate family is very cuturally open minded. My dad's parents aren't as much, but I think it's because they're old. :p


    I'd love to go to Germany, England, Ireland, and Scottland(to the 9th pit with the French) to visit my roots. And, if the Air Force keeps me in long enough, I should get my chance. :D We've got a base in both England and Germany that my carreer field get stationed at.

  5. I'm sorry that you actually had to put up with the French. *patpats*


    Of course, that's just my mum's side, along with Native American Cherokee, and Black Dutch.


    My dad....German. Don't hate me! *hides*


    *peeks* is it safe?

  6. Yup. I'm a maintainer for the F-16's in the Air Force, only right now I'm the guy who talks to the pilot when the jet breaks, ensures the problem gets to my co-workers, and does paperwork(hence being in front of a computer all day for now).


    And that must be it. :D I'm part English and Irish on my mum's side. And Scottish and French...but don't hold that against me. ;)

  7. You, my dear, are my official good luck charm. :p


    I had a couple broken jets, but while I was talking to you, we found out they weren't really broken. :D

  8. True, and you're still lucky.


    I can't focus on anything further than 5 inches(12.7cm) from my eyes without my glasses.


    My allergies are completely seasonal type, except one. So, I've started getting a shot to control my reactions. My one non-seasonal allergy, is red onions. Not white, green, or yellow...just red. Which sucks, because places like Subway use them, alot. The last time I reacted, the sandwich guy put onions on the sub before mine, I didn't ask him to change his gloves. My throat swelled up so bad...kinda freaked me and my wife out. hehe.

  9. I'm heart-broken. *sniff* *cries* or not. :p I've heard good things about that book. :D


    And yes, you are terrible, yet I laughed. Strange world we live in. ;)


    And, forgive me if I'm either a little wierder than normal, or start to pester you. Most of my day(right now) at work is in front of a computer, and I'm here. I get bored, and today I started allergy shots, so I'm just a little wired.

  10. I agree the song is too long, but I still love it. And Knights of Cyndonia, Holiday in Cambodia, and My Name is Jonas. I still have to beat Lou on Medium, but whatever. I still have to get good enough to 5* the 42 main songs to unlock the extra stuff, then move onto hard. *sob* I agree....dam you orange button!!!!! Really. I mean it. Throw it off the Hoover Dam.


    Which reminds me...what did the fish say when he crashed into the cement wall? Dam.


    Aside: I'm full of bad puns. :p


    So...didja read my final chapter of just the ending? :D

  11. Have you 5 starred on Through the Fire and Flames? o.O


    If you have....I will worship your medium skillz. I can't even finish the song...the most I've made was 96%, and I was drinking that night with my friend. Normally, I either get 20%, or 75-ish%.

  12. By the way...have you read my final chapter yet? :p;)

  13. You mean, people will actually talk about me? *sniff, wipes away tear* This is the happiest day of my life. :D Well...after the day I got married. And the day our house closed and I became a homeowner. And my 28th birthday where I got Guitar Hero 3 and Aerosmith. And the....oh, you get the idea.

  14. I appreciate your compliment on my story, BFA. :D Third chapter is up.

  15. hehehe. I do not go randomly profile hopping. Pic hopping, via the "Albums", sure...but not profiles. Yuthura's on my friend list too. So Nyah. :p

  16. *le gasp!* o.O I am shocked, I truly am!


    Only not really. ;) If you notice, I only have a few friends, and I peek at their profiles whenever I'm on. I don't read pages of posts, but glance over the first page.


    If it's 3AM, young lady, you should probally think about sleep, and seriously consider it. Take advantage of your youth, when not getting 8 hours of sleep a night is actually still a choice. ;)

  17. Nah. I just saw that you said that you english 16 year olds aren't liked much. Well, I likes ya. :D


    I figure you'll get around to my chapter sometime, most likely when you're not eating tomatos. ;) It's not as greusome as the second chapter, and actually shows that Revan, even MY Revan, is more than just "Mmm....kill."

  18. I like you, you 16 year old english person, you. :D

  19. Sounds good. :) I'm just working out the outline of how my version will play out, and I'll start typing soon. :D

  20. True. :)


    Right now, I'm just trying to figure out how to open the new story, and if I should make a new topic for it, or just edit the old one to remove the current story, and post at the bottom.

  21. *laughs* You must have missed it....I'm in the US Air Force, planning on going carreer. I'll ALWAYS have adults(and in some cases, kids) telling me what to do. :p

  22. Still, you're a pretty young woman.


    And that's why I feel old. I saw your pic, thought to myself "she's pretty", and then realized that if I wanted to be on the market(I am happily married :) ), you're still 12 years younger than me.


    It's kinda wierd...my mother was pregnant with me with Empire Strikes Back came out(yes, she stood in line with me to see it), I was 3 when Return of the Jedi came out...and I'm talking to someone a full decade younger than me about a video game from the franchise. I'm not complaining...but the numbers alone make a guy think somethings.

  23. No, the pic in your album. :) I wanted to see those funny comics you have again, and saw the one of yourself.

  24. Will do. I'll start working on it today. :D I think, in fact, I'll just continue using the previous topic. :D


    And, nice pic. :) *sighs, feeling old again*

  25. *Blink blink blink* Don't eat tomatos when reading a story of the sith......


    I have NO clue why, but I have filed that under my list of advice to follow. :D


    And thanks. Mission really was one of my favorite characters, and the Dark Side ending sucked. Like I said in the main topic, I've got a twisted version, not following the game directly. Think I should write that? It'd be more like the whole game(in smallish chapters) than just the ending.

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